The 20 service then buy China Su 35 will become "chicken ribs"?

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The 20 service then buy China Su 35 will become "chicken ribs"?

2016-07-21 21:39:10 469 ℃

From the current situation and master a lot of information, the -20 in this year or next to join the air force China is a high probability event. Since 2011, J -20 began first flight of the fighter won the giant is very concerned about the eyes. This is because the j-20 first fly to China all of a sudden entered the fifth generation fighter, is in front of the American F-22 and F-35 and Russian T50, in addition to the F22 is already very mature outside, in fact, the F-35 and T-50 are still in groping stage. It can be said that in the fifth generation fighter this high ground, China has surpassed Russia, is struggling to catch up with the United states.

The network recently released a set of photos, you can see a flying fighter -20. The -20 test is not news, but the fighters -20 and had some different places of note. Military commentator Gu Huoping introduced is the j-20 fighter by the Chinese Air Force fighter jets in active service of the silver coating, and coating instead of the previous test model of the kind of yellow; the second is the j-20 airplane position has less than the previous "20XX" series of numbers, but did not show any number.

A few times, Russia has said that in 2016 will not supply to the Chinese Soviet -35 fighter. It is said that the reason is because the sale of the contract has been signed, but has not yet come into force, the contract also go to the approval process. Only signing is not enough, but also to get the approval of Russia and china". Russia said that all formalities shall be fulfilled in 2016 summer.

Since then China has f -20, whether the future also need to sue -35? Military expert valley,In fact the two fighters coincided with the formation of "complementarity" of the situation, such as the j-20 can be deployed in the direction of the East China Sea, it will to Japan active main models F15J formed relatively large pressure and deterrence, let the Japanese did not dare to easily provoked. China to Russia to buy the Soviet 35 fighter, next year there may be another arrival, most likely to be responsible for the eastern coast and Japan F35 fighter fighting the protagonist.

With the passage of time, the j-20's progress is very smooth, at this time of year, with the increase of coating, cancel flight number and the low visibility of the emblem of the two j-20 launch, China's F - 20 finally will to completed flight into active service, which makes people not Chang Zhenfen.

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