In the face of the "ship array" displayed in the South China Sea military parade, even thousands of cruise missiles are no use!

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In the face of the "ship array" displayed in the South China Sea military parade, even thousands of cruise missiles are no use!

2018-04-15 10:25:28 149 ℃

April 13th local time, the United States and Britain launched an air raid on Damascus, the capital of Syria, with the usual time and routine. The current news shows that the Three Kingdoms warship aircraft launched about 120 multiple models of cruise missiles. Syria's military first called ground air defense missiles to intercept more than 10 incoming missiles and later indicated that most of the missiles were shot down. A large scale contactless precision attack suddenly launched at midnight or early morning by battleships, submarines, military aircraft and other naval and air operation platforms is the main way of the Western led camp in the past 30 years. Since the outbreak of the Gulf War in 1991, the PLA has invested heavily in manpower, material and financial resources for defense against large-scale guided weapons, including cruise missiles. The "new three dozen and three defense", a noun with distinctive historical features, came into being in that age.

was the capital of Syria, the capital of the United States and Britain, in Damascus, the capital of the United States and Britain.

just launched a "illegal" military operation on the side of the US, Britain and France. The Chinese Navy's 50 warships, including 2 Inspection and observation ships, and 76 military planes were inspected in the South China Sea. Appeared in ship in one of the momentum, fully demonstrated our army especially maritime combat achievements in recent 5 years. It should be said that the current Chinese Navy, whether it is the main combat equipment or the personnel fighting capacity, has long gone beyond the level of passive defense. "The coastal defense and sea guard" of the new maritime strategy, aimed at the maximum ability to push forward the national security front, land or sea will destroy any threat of war away from our native.

, however, offshore defense is still one of the main responsibilities of the Chinese Navy for quite some time in the future. Therefore, it is worth exploring one or two of our navy's ability to attack large-scale attack like a hatchet cruise missile. In the South China sea parade, the Navy plays the main surface ships such as destroyers and frigates. The most prominent ability is the ability of regional air defense and multiple batches of incoming targets. Moreover, these ships in its initial design, there is a very important requirement is to become the direction of China's maritime air defense navigator.

therefore, whether it is the Navy Sea strike group main type 052C/D Chinese aegis destroyers, or inshore defense attack group flagship type 056 missile frigate, have the capability and responsibility become a sea node PLA overall homeland air defense early warning network.

appears in many combat groups 052C/D destroyer, which is the main battle equipment of Chinese Navy's marine air defense.

mainly come from the direction of the sea against cruise missiles and other long-range precision strike weapons, the most critical warning 052C/D aegis intercept sea frontier forces. The ship borne 346/346A active phased array radar, with maximum space detection distance of more than 400 kilometers, can track hundreds of batches of target information at the same time. They are a multi-dimensional and high-density marine vigilance network with the air warning machine, the long flight unmanned reconnaissance aircraft and the marine surveillance satellite. Such an air defense early warning system is a reliable information guarantee for the effective defense of modern air precision strike by the PLA.

052C/D type in the phased array radar is the center of the reconnaissance and early warning, interception destroying integrated air defense weapon system, the main weapon is the Red Sea -9B type remote ship to air missile. The largest -9B range of the Sea red flag is more than 1/3, more than 200 kilometers above the Sea red flag -9. Moreover, the Sea red flag -9B has targeted the ability to intercept low altitude, grazing missile targets, while retaining the high hit rate of the aircraft target. Therefore, the 052C/D destroyer with the ability to inspect and beat is a regional defense weapon against cruise missile attacks.

missile destroyer launches a Tomahawk cruise missile.

if the type 052C/D destroyer is a large area of a large number of players against incoming cruise missiles, type 054A frigate is an efficient trap expert. The main interception target of the 054A frigate is the target of the missile in the air defense operations of the Chinese Navy surface warship formation. The ship also has the ability to combat multiple batches of incoming targets, and shipborne radar can track hundreds of batches of targets at the same time and determine the real and high risk targets. In under the guidance of Shipborne Fire control radar, the red flag -16B type medium range ship to air missile can intercept 8 missile target. Moreover, the ballistic characteristics and high mobility of the red flag -16 series are more suitable for the typical target of intercepting the size of the missile. Compared with 052C/D destroyer and 054A type frigate,

is the cruising and attacking marine defense vessel. The main role of the 056 frigate in defending cruise missiles is information relay transmission. The formation and operation command system of the ship is the most advanced one in the Chinese naval surface warship. It can effectively process early warning information from other platforms, such as air to sea and sea, and quickly allocate fire interception missions. However, as the 056 type frigate itself has relatively limited radar detection range and range, it mainly shoulders the important maritime warning. It cannot be the main force of regional defense like 052C/D and 054A. Grand ship

parade on the South China sea.

052C/D Chinese Navy aegis destroyers, missile frigates, 054A type 056 frigate and other main surface warships, which nearly multiple levels far in the direction of the sea air defense warning and weapon system. In the face of such a tight and effective defense system, even if the opponent is rich enough to launch hundreds of cruise missiles at a time, he will not be able to achieve any breakthrough.

and these are only the people's Liberation Army "attack one of active defense" combat system "anti" side, as for the "attack" side, can effectively combat cruise missiles and other weapons by sea, air and water at the launch platform, from the starting point position of the potential collapse of the opponent. This is more than a lot of countries that have been attacked by cruise missiles.