Active surrender? What Syria rebels encountered, almost captured Assad, now nowhere to hide

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Active surrender? What Syria rebels encountered, almost captured Assad, now nowhere to hide

2018-04-15 10:25:28 169 ℃

chart for the pressure bomb dropped on Syria, the temperature at the scene

recently, according to Syria media reports, Rachman's Brigade Syria Eastern Guta Region announced a voluntary surrender, the Rachman brigade had almost captured President Assad of Syria, and now has to hide the point. It is understood that the criminals willing to lay down their arms, will not be held in the camp and can be placed in Idlib province and their families. It is reported that in the eastern Guta urban area of the attack, Putin produced the strongest weapons, launched an absolute advantage of air strikes and artillery cover. In the face of the strongest rebel territory of Syria to surrender, why the U.S. from ruin? Some experts pointed out that this is because the United States claimed that Syria uses the event materialization lies are exposed, so have no justifiable reason for the war.

as the strongest rebel organization in the region, what is the choice to surrender so quickly? After the Russian army intervened in the Syria region, it launched a strong air raid on all the rebel groups and killed and wounded a large number of rebels. But the most let the rebels feared, and not a drop from the clouds bombs, but the Russian military hands, designed to deal with the pressure bomb bunker temperature. The

is being tested at sea. The temperature pressure bomb

in the urban battle, because of the existence of a lot of buildings, the defender can easily rely on it as a bunker. If we want to eradicate the hidden armed forces in a building, the attackers sometimes need to blow up a whole building to achieve their goals, which will consume huge amounts of ammunition, but at the same time, it may also cause international problems because of excessive use of force. Thermo - ammunition, which is used to deal with the inhuman insurgent insurgents hiding in the corner, is no longer suitable. The concept of

elastic pressure temperature in Vietnam has emerged, and the fuel air bombs in the past is not the same, thermobaric internal state is a variety of metal powder, but the working mechanism of two kinds of weapons are the same: the installation of internal medicine containing an oxidizing agent in aerosol form to spread around after then, the deflagration reaction, while the formation of oxygen consumption within the scope of the overpressure, which can cause fatal damage to the staff.

for launching TOS-1A rocket, around around a few soldiers to watch

when the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, in order to deal with the hiding in the cave of the mujahideen, for Su-25, Mi-24 and other aircraft loaded with fuel air bomb. After this huge bomb was put into use, the Afghan Jihad will suffer: the dead were shock wave crushed the viscera, spread all across in confusion fell on the ground, because of hypoxia, painful pinched his neck suffocation. Every time the Soviet Army dropped the fuel air bomb, the jihadists survived the explosion, and none of them became insane and silly.

has a rich application experience, is familiar with the Russian rebels entrenched in the supermarket, in addition to sending aircraft bombing outside, also sent a TSO-1A rocket strikes on rebel positions. The rocket launcher can project 24 220mm warm and pressure rockets at one time, enough to roast all the raw targets within the range of the football field to coke. Under the threat of such a terrible weapon, the rebels knew that even if they hid in the hole, they could only get a roasted finish, so they simply gave up their hands and gave up.