The world is bitter for a long time. Diplomats in Syria today to discuss the United States official accusation

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The world is bitter for a long time. Diplomats in Syria today to discuss the United States official accusation

2018-04-16 10:25:19 151 ℃

this article is today's statement by the representative of the Syria to the United Nations.

, thank you, Mr. chairman of the rotating presidency. When the representative of Sweden and Britain went to B, the US representative said that Russia had spent a lot of resources to support Syria's "regime". So I ask her, WHAT ABOUT UNITED STATES? Where are the resources spent in the United States in Syria? Do you provide food and milk for children in Syria? Or is it a weapon for armed groups? These organizations that have committed the most brutal crimes against the people of Syria? Or do you spend the resources on your plane and fighterjet? These planes are so active in Syria.

(review: this section points out the United States not only committed to the eradication of the terrorists, but terrorists accomplices)

my American peers have been in the vast majority of the Security Council are a threat to our. Please note that I have not called the American government as an American regime. Because this is a shameful act that the United Nations can't do.

(review: the United States to other countries whose points arrogant, lack of basic respect) to investigate

weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has been carried out for eighteen years. For 18 years, the special committee of the United Nations has not found any evidence. They didn't find any chemical weapons, they didn't find any Coca-Cola, and they didn't find any Pepsi. Martin Ruud Kim, an American anti racist activist, said, I also quote, "lies like snowballs, roll bigger and bigger." It seems that this sentence applies to any occasion. Because some countries are never stopping to lie. Fortunately, the details of their lies were not perfect. Mr. President, some permanent members of the Security Council are already a professional liar. They themselves are weapons of mass destruction. By lying, they were invaded by Palestinians; by lying, they fought on the Korean Peninsula; they invaded Vietnam through lying. By lying, they invaded Grenada! By lying, they occupied Iraq! By lying, they destroyed Syria! By lying, they hold steam terror organizations in one hand, their names are al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, and so on! And by lying, these countries want to beat Syria and prepare for the invasion.

(review: this section details the history of America lies, whose points America decades continue to lie, it's war of aggression was notorious

) it is worth noting that the representative of the United States said the United States Secretary of defense and the contradiction. 2 days ago, he received an interview with Newsweek. The reporter's title was like this. I read it to you in English. "Now Matisse admits there is no evidence that Assad is using poison to its people." This is not what Syria's defense minister said, the Secretary of the United States said. The words and deeds of your American government are consistent.

(review: American officials said the U.S. side of the evidence lying)

America, on behalf of the United Kingdom and France can scarcely wait to hold up the information kept meeting. They have done this deep crisis, and they want to join other countries in the Security Council. Since the three countries began in 2013, their lies were tons, A BIG ELEPHANT OF LIE IN THE SEAT. This "elephant in the house" is at the meeting scene, with its elephant leg ruthlessly trampling the credibility of the Security Council. It seems that these countries have convened a meeting to support terrorists. Destroy the agreement on the town of Duma. But these countries are still acting too late. Because the terrorists want to see the meeting in these countries were forced to surrender before late, could not be reached for terrorists commitment. You'd better not rely on the broken information provided by the so-called "white helmet", which is the British intelligence officer James * Louis shrui (? I can't turn it over. He is British, although a French name

(nu Chi review: the United States and its allies in the United Nations lawlessness, using the elephant house, this idiom is not a normal phenomenon has lasted for a long time.)

chairman Sir, we have to the Security Council, the OPCW and the joint investigation mechanism submitted 145 letters. The latest one was issued in April 1, 2018. One hundred and forty-five letters, and here I thank the representative of Kazakhstan for telling me the truth: he told me that you didn't see or return these letters at all! These letters provide detailed information about the mastery of toxic substances by terrorist organizations, including chlorine and sarin gas. We have warned you that these terrorist organizations are ready to use them to commit crimes. They are now working together with the "white helmet" to make up the evidence. They took photos and recorded a high standard video like Hollywood. Everything is to trap our government, stir up international public opinion, and attack Syria and its allies. This is the reason for these countries to hold a meeting. They are paving the way for a military invasion of Syria.

(review: evidence of Kazakhstan's side with the United States and other countries that forge evidence, intent to invade other countries.)

look, this "chemical weapons attack" incident scene director is not good at camouflage. Each claiming to be the Syria government launched the chemical weapons attack, these chemicals have never hit a man with weapons. Women and children are always found. These chemical weapons have learned to distinguish between armed men, and they love women and children. And these poisons only need to be washed away in front of the lens. That is, JUST WATER, YOU KNOW. WATER IS EVERYTHING, and rescue workers never need to wear protective clothing. And Syria's government forces are using some chemical weapons that they don't have at all. Because at the beginning of the war we were destroyed at the request of the Americans to China and Russia. So the government of the Syria government is a chemical weapon that is unsuccessful. It's a weird thing to use only when the government troops get a victory.

(review: pointed out that contrary to the common sense of the part, the white helmet lies with more solid evidence that the "government forces used chemical weapons" false)

chairman Sir, I would say, in the border, there are tens of thousands of heart good, moderate terrorists. They have a gentle weapon, a long beard, a black flag, and a white helmet. You want to adopt them, please fill in the application form and give them the boss. They are all ready to be adopted. They can go to the west, go to Europe, and be a refugee. As a summary, Mr. chairman, Syria reiterated that Syria did not have any chemical weapons, including chlorine. We condemn all acts of using chemical weapons. (end)

(review: European refugee events will eventually harm to others mocking them.)