Trump tweet's latest cruise missile, is it really blocked by the Syrian army?

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Trump tweet's latest cruise missile, is it really blocked by the Syrian army?

2018-04-16 10:25:18 165 ℃

Author: Muzi bow long

these two days, the U.S. military strike against Syria again to refresh the news. Surprisingly, the operation of the US Army is still "old formula" and "old flavor": more than 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles carried out a "surgical scalpel" precision strike for many targets in the Syrian territory.

picture 1: local time April 14, 2018 morning, the British law coalition forces launched the air campaign against Syria

the United States for use in Syria is reportedly Tomahawk after the latest models of the 5 generation of improved, even Trump had tweeted to show off, will launch the missile would be "nice and new and smart (good, new and clever)".

since the armed forces in 1983, the war ax has been killed by the US Army as a "kick the door". Before the Gulf War, the Kosovo war, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war and the Libya war, the beginning of each war was the exception of the battle ax attack. It is said that two statements are always placed on the head of the Secretary of defense. One is "where is our carrier", and the other is "our battle axe". If the aircraft carrier is the fist of American overseas military intervention and strategic deterrence, the battle ax is the first dagger to thrust into the heart of the enemy.

picture 2: in the

launch Tomahawk axe world not Langdexuming, this is mainly due to its unique three axes: fly far, keep, hit.

: the first resort to fly far. Modern war is about extraterritorial "non-contact" operations, that is, I hit you, and you can not reach me, in order to achieve maximum operational efficiency. Public information shows that the maximum range of the Tomahawk is up to 2500 kilometers. This value is not only far more than the combat radius of three generation semi active heavy fighter is more than 1500 kilometers, the maximum range of the general coastal defense force. When fighting, the missile carrier of the US Army can turn around and go back to 2500 kilometers away from the target, and the remaining 2500 kilometers will be handed to the hatchet to fly.

picture 3:

second Tomahawk cruise Axe: keep. Good stealth is another great advantage of the battle axe. It is only 0.527 meters in diameter and has a small radar cross section in itself. Coupled with the ability of low altitude assault, it can fly over the sea at a height of 10 meters, and cruise cruising at a height of not more than 60 meters. The body shape can be completely hidden in the clutter and sea clutter, which makes it difficult for the enemy to detect. In 1982 the Falkland Islands War, Argentina fighters launched by Exocet missiles, is to take the form of low altitude penetration radar detection, successfully destroyed the British Navy advanced destroyer sheffield.

4 pictures: the Falkland Islands War, 1 ultra low altitude flying missile destroyer

Sheffield hit third tricks: hit. The latest model of the Tomahawk "inertial guidance + terrain matching guidance +GPS guidance and related digital scene matching guidance" for the whole complex guided missile in flight process, real time can receive at least 4 navigation satellite signal, self correction ability strong. It is said that the accuracy of its hit can reach an error of less than 10 meters within 2000 kilometers. For the first time in the Gulf War in 1991 when the Tomahawk hit probability reached 85%, but in the subsequent war in Kosovo, the United States and its allies launched 238 Tomahawk, 198 hit the target, the target by the Confederate army 50% air defense system of the moving target and 42%.

Picture 5: the battle axe missile section structure map

spear and shield are all developed. The latest models of the Tomahawk are of course good, but only the subsonic cruise speed is easily knocked down by the advanced ground anti missile system of the big country. According to Russian media reports, the French first air raid on Syria in 14 days, at least 13 Tomahawk is Syria intercept. However, the US Defense Ministry said that all the missiles hit the target, and the Syria army's backward air defense weapons could not hit the Tomahawk . The actual situation is still to be further examined.

Picture 6: Russian S300 anti-aircraft missile, capable of intercepting cruise missiles capability