It's embarrassing! The Taiwan army held the so-called "grand reading ship", and the sailors fell into water. It has not been found so far.

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It's embarrassing! The Taiwan army held the so-called "grand reading ship", and the sailors fell into water. It has not been found so far.

2018-04-16 10:25:17 171 ℃


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PLA Navy new warships gathered in the South China Sea, then held a grand Regatta go forward with great strength and vigour, the island's dwelling Taiwan authorities also held in April 13th not resigned to playing second fiddle, a regatta, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan dispatched including 9 boats, a total of 20 ship tonnage; not only is far less than the side, even the ship's age are far more than the other, even more embarrassing is that during the parade in Kaohsiung waters in a supply ship, a sailor fell into the water, so far without hearing a word about. is really ironic.

, according to Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported that Taiwan's "Wuyi" supply ship the same day the deck drills in the waters off the coast of Kaohsiung, returned to port found only when a soldier disappeared, then after investigation found that the soldier has been in 40 minutes from the flight deck overboard.

this is not the first time a soldier's disappearance is still unaware. As early as 2002, one surnamed Li sailors on duty overboard, another SAILOR SONG immediately jumped into the sea to rescue, but the thing is at Taiwan until second days found that two people disappeared, even in the missing that night named Richard cabin, the officer on duty directly to them for registration "the value of" state, Taiwan management confusion remarkable.

in fact to be honest, just 20 years ago in 1998, the PLA navy equipment technology level is not possible in Taiwan, the PLA Navy also rely on the 112 and 113 destroyer chengmenmian, while supporting girders or even the old 051 series destroyers and 053 series of frigates, and on the other side of the Strait rivals, not only Jiyang class frigate (the Knox class) and class frigate (Perry class), and even the appearance of elegant Juanxiu the French La Fayette class frigate, estimated that not good friends to see La Fayette class frigates are DC slobber.

said the thirty years Hedong Hexi thirty years, this is still not thirty years, 052C and 052D series destroyers, frigates, 056 054A ocean light frigate, the future we have 055 frigates and 002 aircraft carriers: opposite the Navy only adds to the last century at the end of 70s to build Kidd of the United States class destroyers, its performance, has been far behind with a 052D type aegis destroyer.

probably felt that no matter how hard, on the other side of the big front also get rid of the identity of salted fish, for a long time, Taiwan is almost in the state to give up treatment: not to mention 32 degrees high temperature do not do exercise this kind of thing, according to many reports in Taiwan now the Taiwan Army soldiers touched a gun, played live are less and less, in most cases, their ability to sweep the street much more solid, weapons and equipment behind only minor factors than war ability, the most important is the army has lost the soul.

so the Taiwan authorities probably of the army down, Taiwan Taiwan ship made a joke, they can only be dizzy, but politically, rely solely on others, which in itself is a very funny joke.