China Resolutely Shows Six Killers at Key Time 慑 Shocks Potential Adversaries

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China Resolutely Shows Six Killers at Key Time 慑 Shocks Potential Adversaries

2018-04-28 10:25:48 367 ℃

Suspected Su-35 escorting -6K voyage patrol

As the Asia-Pacific region is precarious, 2018 On April 12, China held a grand maritime parade in the southern waters. This is the largest display of China’s naval power in China for 5,000 years. It is a landmark. However, it seems that the hostile forces have yet to experience China’s anger and continue to provoke two B-52s to fly to Dongsha. As a result, China once again shined its sword, and the PLA’s fighter planes bypassed Taiwan four times in nine days, confirming that the Su-35 has formed a combat force. The Liaoning ship on the 16th has been fighting for more than 40 days, and the Dongfeng-26 has officially become a force. With the ability to accurately anti-aircraft carrier and expose the target of the HQ-9 anti-aircraft missile, China and Russia will hold the largest "sea-associated-2018" military exercise in Qingdao. Each signal is a sharp sword.

China is very rare to disclose a type of guided missile service.

Recently, the US military Three aircraft carriers circled around China, and there were "Flying Hornets" class amphibious assault ships carrying out F-35 vertical take-off and landing tests in the eastern waters of China. F-35s were purchased from Japan and South Korea and the US military destroyers once again trespassed the reefs in the southern seas. The 12-mile territorial sea, B-52's use of attack lines to fly to China’s coasts, coupled with the sharp rise in U.S.-Taiwan relations and the abrupt changes in the Korean Peninsula, as well as the overwhelming trade war between China and U.S., have made the situation in China’s periphery become wavering. Clouds up. Regarding the trade war between China and the United States, China has made up its mind to make no compromises. It is a rare foreign toughness since China was founded and it is worth the pride of the people.

Two B-52s approached Guangdong and made China vigilant.

But trade wars and Behind the diplomatic warfare is a confident military force, and China is no exception. As a result, Dongfeng-26, which is a special blow against US aircraft carriers, was rarely announced publicly. A rocket army consisting of 18 missiles and one wave has the ability to destroy at least three aircraft carriers, and it is impossible to be intercepted. China is open at this critical momentDongfeng-26, among others, demonstrated its ability to destroy the B-1/2/52 Lair and several aircraft carrier bases in Asia Pacific. The Su-35, which has just been purchased from abroad, has not even been fully delivered. The Chinese Air Force has announced that the aircraft has formed a combat capability. This is the nemesis of the F-35. The news of the Hongqi-9 public shooting is also intended to tell the outside world, not to mention that the old B-52 struck, that is, the more advanced B-1 or B-2, with the support of advanced anti-stealth radar networks, China’s multiple The strike platform has the ability to make it come back.

Liaoning ship has been fighting for five years.

In addition to traveling thousands of miles to China Outside the provocative United States, China also shocked the anti-Tong forces on the island. Since April 18, the Air Force has repeatedly deployed H-6K, F-11, Tu-154, and Su-35 fighter planes to fly around the motherland and voyage to train and improve their ability to maintain national sovereignty and territorial integrity. And in just 9 days, he made four rounds of flying around. Such intensive patrols effectively fought against the arrogance of certain forces. Of course, the 16th Liaoning Ship returned from the parade in the southern seas and returned to Hong Kong from the western Pacific. Rarely carried out the tactical training of the 歼-15 landing and landing. Once again, it clearly told the outside world that China’s first aircraft carrier already had Combat strength.

Sino-Russian will perform the largest maneuver in history. Exhilarating.

Even more powerful is that China has also come up with a killer in a timely manner, announcing that the Chinese and Russian Armed Forces plans to hold a joint maritime--2018 maritime joint exercise in Qingdao during the year. This will be the largest maritime joint military exercise in the history of the two countries. Under the weight of US strategic pressure, the arrival of this news is undoubtedly exciting. According to the analysis, China and the United States are currently scrambling for each other. The two sides are hitting you with a punch. I have made every move and each is trying to reach the bottom line of the other through strength. As far as China's performance is concerned, every time the United States takes a big move, China must have a stronger counterattack. The above-mentioned six major killers that China displayed at the same time is a manifestation of China's strong and unyielding will. Although the United States does not have many cards to hand out, there are still more Chinese strokes.

(Military Commentary by Chen Guangwen2018.04.28)