The most advanced warships in India were suspended by the gantry.

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The most advanced warships in India were suspended by the gantry.

2018-05-03 10:25:51 360 ℃

In recent days, an accident occurred at a shipyard in Calcutta, India. The 250-ton gantry crane was blown down by the wind, and it was just on the dock for the P-17A stealth frigate built for the Indian Navy. This made the Indian Navy face the risk that seven P17A stealth frigates could not be delivered on time.

▲India's dock for the construction of the P-17A frigate was stricken.

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▲India's dock for the construction of the P-17A frigate was smashed

However, delaying the delivery of weapons and equipment seems to be for India This magical country is not something unacceptable. India’s weaponry seems to have never been associated with the option of “delivering on time”. India's first self-built carrier, the Vikrant, has been launched three times since its construction. The ship was originally expected to serve in 2008, but the ship has not yet completed construction. Sources said that the ship's sea trial will not be earlier than 2020. Therefore, when this aircraft carrier can serve in the Indian Navy will still be a huge question mark.

In addition to this carrier, India also has a "proud" fighter. In 33 years, from designing to owning the first frame, the Indians spent a total of 33 years. This kind of “speed of development and perseverance” may be deterred by Chinese engineers.

P-17A stealth frigate is India's most advanced and most mysterious frigate. Three of the seven ships are currently in the Garden Ridge Shipbuilding Engineering Company (GRSE). According to sources, the accident occurred on April 17, 2018, but has been forbidden from being disclosed by the management of Indian shipyards. The accident was caused by a strong wind that caused a giant crane with a capacity of 250 tons to collapse. The lifting range of the crane, which is nearly 15 meters in height, covers the shipyard's dry dock and inclined berth.

▲P-17A Stealth Frigates Imagine

Reporting that this accident will affect the P-17AStealth frigate construction plans have a direct impact. The dock adjacent to this gantry crane has been severely damaged and is now unavailable, further affecting the work of the shipyard.

In order to fill the work of the gantry crane, the new crane will have a 30-month time from bidding to installation and commissioning. The Pt17A frigate is a follow-up product of the Indian Navy P-17S frigate.

The construction of the first ship of the P-17A Stealth Frigate in India began in 2017 and was originally expected to be delivered by 2022. According to official figures released by India, the cost per vessel of the P-17A frigate is estimated to be as high as 400 billion rupees (approximately 613 million U.S. dollars). Sources said that the total transaction price is expected to be more than 640 billion rupees (about 980 million US dollars).

Sources also revealed that the gantry crane cannot be repaired but must be removed. They said that the collapse of the gantry crane caused a blockage around the dry dock and the berth. At present, the shipyard only has a weight of 170 tons and can only lift 250 tons of cranes.

At present, the assembly dock that is making the P-17A module has been completely destroyed and rendered unusable. This will not only affect the planning of the ship that India is building, but also may affect the shipyard and the Indian Ministry of Defense are negotiating the production contract for anti-submarine submarines. The accident is now conducting an internal investigation to determine the cause of the accident and determine the responsibility.