Another provocateur in the Western Powers has just openly won over Australia and India to counter China!

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Another provocateur in the Western Powers has just openly won over Australia and India to counter China!

2018-05-04 10:25:06 305 ℃

The first military Author: Fire Fire

Western powers, with US and British law as a typical representative, there is a very large bad habit, that is easily the normal development of a country described as Threatening and dressing themselves up as defenders of justice and order will preside over what is called "justice." This is not the case. When French President Mark Long just went to Australia, he began accusing China without any reason.

According to an observer's report, Macron, who is currently visiting Australia, has once again demonstrated that he has vowed to counter China in the Pacific. At the same time, he called for the creation of a "axis of strategy for France, Australia, and India." He also called "no hegemony is allowed here." This echoes the recent "China threat" voice in Australia. Macron said that in terms of global and regional economic growth, "China's rise is a very good news for everyone." However, he added: “It is important to maintain rule-based development in the region, especially in the Indo-Pacific region, and maintain the necessary balance.” Macron also said that France and its territory in Indo-Pacific have a common goal with Australia. It is to establish a new “Indo-axis” and “to protect our economic interests as well as our security interests.”

There is almost no sign of it and there is no reason why the French President Mark Long just aimed the gun at China. It was necessary to draw together Australia and India to create a "three-nation strategic axis" to counter the rise of China. This seems to coincide with the United States' claim of the United States, Japan, Australia and India. In fact, France and Japan have also had frequent interactions. They have signed ACSA to provide them with the largest military logistical support when Japan needs them. At the same time, Britain’s interest in the so-called “counterbalance” of China is probably no less than that of France. Prior to this, it had threatened to send aircraft carriers to the South China Sea to maintain the so-called “navigation freedom”. Recently, the warships also conducted a joint military exercise with Japan!

If we carefully analyze and compare, we may find it easy to see whether it is the "three-country strategic axis" or the "quartet alliance." "" Even the so-called cooperation of more countries has much in common. First of all, it must be dominated by Western countries; secondly, it must be aimed at China; finally, it will definitely be drawn to India. And all the weightThe points are all within these three common grounds. Objectively speaking, the deepest pit in this area is to provoke Sino-Indian relations. India, as a non-aligned country, is being pulled down to stand on the opposite side of China. If it is said that this is most likely to succeed, now it is increasingly difficult. After all, India has more important things to do. For example, economic development, at the same time do not want to be shot by Western countries.

In addition to India, the role of other countries is very obvious, that is, the United States is the mastermind, Australia, Japan, Britain and France are accomplices, because their remnant Cold War mentality is so serious that they have formed a China-oriented The ideological alliances, but in fact, they are able to draw their hand, and there are very few things that pose a real threat to China, simply letting India. If we look back on history further, we may realize that the biggest difference between China and India lies in the "McMahon Line," which is a masterpiece of the British people. Perhaps Western countries have never been kind-hearted and have long been conspiring about the possible rise of China. Today, the conspiracy continues. France seems to be a maverick, but it is a different kind in the Western countries. However, it is by no means a good thing. Just after criticizing the trade protection of the United States, it came to Australia to discuss how to counterbalance China.

The nature of relations between nations is always an interest. Before China truly realizes its power, it will undoubtedly face each other. Various gossips and intrigues may be an unavoidable price for growth and maturity. But in any case, the historical trend of peace development will not change. Those clowns who are always used to being smart, brushing up on Chinese topics, and even provoking China without any reason, will only be ruthlessly abandoned!

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