The Syrian Encounter Tells 1.4 Billion Chinese: The Three Truths Are Never Overdue

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The Syrian Encounter Tells 1.4 Billion Chinese: The Three Truths Are Never Overdue

2018-05-06 00:25:26 467 ℃

On April 7, Syria sent a suspected gas attack to the town of Duma in the eastern Guta district, which was sent under armed control. More than 70 people died as a result.

In the aftermath, the United States, Britain, and other countries, under the guise of "humanitarianism", accused Syrian government forces of using chemical weapons to attack innocent civilians. This led to the launch of a military campaign against Syria. On April 14th, the U.S., British, and French coalitions launched an air strike on three so-called “chemical weapons”-related facilities in Syria. On April 21, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons entered the town of Duma, Syria, to investigate the so-called "chemical attack." According to the UN’s chemical weapons experts, allegations of the use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces are usually filed by the “White Helmet” organization.

But there is a lot of evidence that this organization called “rescue the wounded and wounded” is used by the West to blacken the Syrian government and Russia. The pendulum organization, according to statistics, shows that the establishment of the "White Helmet" has received more than US$100 million in funding from Western countries and organizations.

There are so many favors in the West. This "white helmet" naturally has to shout for the Western banner.

In fact, before the OPCW’s investigation into Syria, on April 9th, Syria’s representative to the United Nations, Jaafari, raised objections. At the United Nations’ meeting, the representative of al-Jaafari denounced the United States as a lie. The war of aggression was launched, pointing out that the so-called “humanitarianism” in the West is hypocritical, and it also ridiculed the information provided by white helmets. “Chemical weapons have learned to distinguish armed personnel” and are specifically designed to kill civilians, especially women and children.

But Jaafari’s speech has not been completed and the American and British delegates have already left their seats. He does not want to listen to Jaafari. He also failed to prevent the 13th U.S., British, and French forces from launching an air strike against Syria.

Although Jaafari failed to stop the tragedy from happening, one of his photos was hot on the China Network. On April 14, many people forwarded a message on their Weibo homepage. A picture of Jaafari, who was in the picture, was very sad and lonely in the UN building.

This photo is also very touching for Chinese netizens. It reminded many people of the Beiyang government’s diplomacy at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference.Lu Zhengxiang refused to sign the peace agreement. The situation suffered by Mr. Jaafari was similar to what the representative of the Qing government had been doing for peace talks a hundred years ago.

The Syrian tragedy is sympathized with by the Chinese people. This also allows us to understand that the three are unchanged. Truth:

When you are behind, you must be beaten. Weak countries have no diplomacy. Strong nations can strengthen the army. They are never out of date!

At the beginning of the founding of New China, why did we desperately develop atomic bombs and missile technology? It was because we used more than a hundred years of blood and tears to understand these three constant truths.

Today, the world is still the world. Those former powers are still making killings. What has changed is that China is not China at that time. We have already achieved strong military power. We have missiles and aircraft carriers. Weapons such as stealth fighter and stealth fighter, our people's army can better protect national security.