Who is the boss? Turkey has toughly demanded that the United States sell the F-35, otherwise it will wait for revenge!

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Who is the boss? Turkey has toughly demanded that the United States sell the F-35, otherwise it will wait for revenge!

2018-05-11 00:25:21 285 ℃

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In the impression of many netizens, the United States is the world's most overbearing master, and it is hard to sell a strong mouth; now there is a country that dares to The United States puts forward the requirement of strong buying and strong sales. That is Turkey. Earlier there was news that U.S. congressmen are pushing for legislation to ban Turkey from buying F-35 fighter jets; Russian Satellite News Agency reported recently that Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Chavushkoglu has publicly stated that if U.S. refuses to provide F- 35 fighters, Turkey will respond to the United States.

The F-35 dispute between Turkey and the United States stemmed from Turkey's attempt to purchase the Russian S-400 air defense missile. As early as December 29, 2017, Turkey and Russia signed an agreement to purchase the S-400 air defense missiles. The United States is not happy about this. The Assistant Secretary of State Wessies Mitchell once accused Turkey of buying S-400 from Russia. Anti-aircraft missile system, the United States has a negative impact on the sale of F-35 fighter jets to Turkey.

Not long ago Turkey’s Foreign Minister Qivushiolu held talks with U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo during the NATO meeting. Vushouglu claimed that Turkey could not accept that the United States would use F-35 as a way to prevent the country from importing Russian S-400 air-defense missiles. Turkish President Erdogan also stated that Turkey has the right to establish an independent national defense force. Other countries have no Power interference.

It wasn’t that Turkey’s strong buyouts against the United States, but the U.S.’s danger of being a human being, fought with the F-35 and forced Turkey into submission.

But the current problem is actually a deadlock: the U.S. sanctions against Russia have been round Severe, and this issue has triggered the contradiction between President Trump and the political elite group of establishment, at this time, the political team of allies is very important, and Turkey is a maverick, political elites must Give Turkey a disciplinary measure to make sure that his ass is seated.

But Turkey is not an ordinaryHe was actually a very complicated country. NATO absorbed Turkey because he was in the Caucasus's frontline against the Soviet Union. But when the threat of the Soviet Union no longer existed, he appeared to be abrupt in the NATO system - In fact, he is the isolated person in the class.

The United States, however, does not want to offend Turkey. For the United States, NATO does not "decay." To the point where there is no hope of salvation, or an organization that cannot be given up casually, in order to maintain the existence of NATO, it is difficult for the United States to wield sanctions against Turkey.

This is one of the reasons why Turkey dares to be tough on the United States. This is true on the Kurds issue and on the F-35 issue. In fact, Turkey dares to antagonize the United States. It is actually the United States in the Middle East. An important manifestation of the relative decline in regional influence is that on this issue, Obama actually makes a difference.