Middle East powder barrel detonated! Israel launches massive airstrikes, Iranian rockets serving

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Middle East powder barrel detonated! Israel launches massive airstrikes, Iranian rockets serving

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Trump has retired... ...

This withdrawal is not a general agreement. The Iranian nuclear agreement has been the outcome of the international community for many years, after arduous negotiations and games.

In order to reach an agreement, China, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany Several major powers and Iran, the country concerned, have devoted a lot of energy and diplomatic resources. As a result, decades of hard work have been tweaked by Trump and a signature has been destroyed...

Multi-national efforts to build "results"

Strongly destroyed by Trump

So-called The "contractual spirit" was eaten by dogs.

(Photos from the Economist website)

Iran's nuclear agreement has a major relationship. Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement and UNESCO's comparison with this is simply a "small fight." "Noisy," the powder barrel in the Middle East is not very stable, and now Trump has thrown away a burning torch...

Sure enough, in the Middle East chaos, Israel and Iran used the most direct action to tell the world about the impact of the withdrawal of the U.S. nuclear agreement from the United States!

Trump announced his withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement at two o'clock in the afternoon on May 8th (Beijing time at 2 o'clock on the 9th) An hour later Israel and Iran launched a contest.

Israel made it in advance Prepared to launch several missiles to the southern Syrian capital of Damascus, including Two were intercepted by the Syrian air defense system and Israel’s missile attack on the southern suburbs of Damascus killed a civilian couple in Dara'a.

A long-exposure image

Israel launches missiles to the Syrian capital

Israel Is it a matter of fact that air raids on Syria have become a matter of routine and launched a missile attack on this festival?

In addition to civilian deaths and injuries, Iranian soldiers were killed. Headquartered in the United Kingdom The head of the Syrian Human Rights Watch said: "The attack killed a total of 9 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard or pro-Iran Shiite armed soldiers.


A missile attack causes fire

Iran’s side immediately launched a counterattack. According to reports from the Russian Satellite News Agency, Iran’s “Iraq Army” forces stationed in Syria (affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s overseas elite) fired at Israeli forward positions in the Golan Heights. 20 rockets.

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The Israeli military said that the Iranian attack caused only minor losses and caused no casualties. The Israeli “Iron” system intercepted most of the rockets.

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Launch of interceptor ammunition system

Since Israel did not say "all interception," there are still fish that escape the net. Some local netizens photographed "Iron" to intercept Iranian rockets. The precious video, here cut a five-second gif for everyone to see.

This video shows that Israeli air defense systems fired a series of interceptor bombs at Syrian missiles, but they failed to shoot them down. According to media reports, these rockets The bullet did not cause casualties and other serious losses.

As ​​we all know in Iran, the nickname is “Middle East Missile Warehouse.” The number and technology of missiles are not to be underestimated. These 20 rockets are just “appetizers” and were launched in the early morning of the 10th to the Golan Heights controlled by Israel. With ground-to-surface missiles, the number of parties said differently, but all were intercepted by Israel.

The Golan Heights is a strategic place

Popularity threatens the Israeli hinterland

Israeled by Israel in the Third Middle East War

Would you not fight back?

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It was not Israel's style and immediately launched a vengeance: The Israeli Air Force launched the largest airstrike in recent years, 28 aircraft passed Lebanese airspace on Syrian territory. Dozens of military targets for air strikes , fired more than 60 missiles.

Lebanon:I have no idea what to say when speaking inappropriately

Israeli bombed Iran’s military base in Quneitra, Syria, and dozens of Syrian capital Damascus belonged to Iran’s “Al-Quds”. Iran’s antiaircraft positions and radar stations in Syria were Hit (may be credit for anti-radiation missiles), including Metz Air Force Base.

So you see, Trump spoke for 5 minutes, the Middle East blew for several days, and the world situation was suddenly disrupted.

Israel and the United States sing together

On April 29th, the newly appointed U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo visited Israel, and after the chatter, the man had just left, No. 30. Netanyahu made a televised speech, throwing out half a ton of classified material, saying that there are 100,000 copies and accusing Iran of conducting nuclear weapon research and development.

The official language of Israel is Hebrew and Arabic. He speaks in English. In fact, it means to listen to the world and lay the foundation for the United States to announce its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement. Stir up three feet.

Although the United Nations, as well as other European countries such as Britain, France and Germany, did not recognize this matter, the United States and Israel have been compelled to conspire .


Another diplomatic decision with a strong Trump style

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Would Israel and Iran fight hard?

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Why is Israel so taboo against Iran and he has not hesitated to use all kinds of resources to force the United States to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement, and also frequently attacks Iran’s military targets in Syria? ?

First of all, Israel is a country that is extremely concerned about its own safety. Military presence felt in Iran in Syria thorn in the side .

Israeli feels "a sting on his back"

Israeli dislikes the Iranian nuclear agreement very much. After the signing of the agreement, Iran stopped the development of nuclear weapons and the centrifuges are cut by two thirds. However, the United States cannot continue to impose severe sanctions. In Iran, the Iranian economy has improved.

This protocol has a loophole It is also one of the reasons for Trump’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement: Ballistic missiles are not banned in this agreement, and nuclear weapons cannot develop, but ballistic missiles have not been banned.

In fact, the United States is the most ineligible to say this. The anti-missile system does not allow people to study ballistic missiles. Moreover, even if Iranian missiles are equipped with nuclear warheads, they are not a threat to the United States. The real threat to so many missiles is the American brother of Israel.

Iran missiles cannot hit the United States

US This is for Israel's voice

The Israelis and the Iranians have not faced a major war. If they both want to fight, this is not theirs. If it happened, then it would involve many countries in the Middle East.

Israel is also ready to fight. The air defenses on the Golan Heights All started, reserve personnel mobilized to prepare for the war.

Although the two sides shouted at each other to prepare for combat readiness, the board judged At present, the fight may not be very high. If we go that step, it may trigger a large-scale partial war in the Middle East. It may involve the United States directly.

Netanyahu also visits Russia and joins Putin in the Victory Day In the parade, Putin will play a mediating role in the Middle East situation.

What we need to care about

We must care about two things. One is that companies that do business with Iran should pay attention to the fact that the United States is likely to restart severe sanctions against Iran. At present, the United States has warned many German companies that the deadline is 90-180 days. It is forbidden to do business with Iran. Chinese companies may also be affected.

Another problem is the rise in international oil prices, after the United States restarted sanctions against Iran. This oil price will also rise. China is a big oil importer. The rise in oil prices is not good news for us.

News sources: Today's Russia, Russia Satellite News Agency, Syrian Arab News Agency

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