Volunteers from the Nordic Powers fought side by side with Russia in spite of American intimidation.

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Volunteers from the Nordic Powers fought side by side with Russia in spite of American intimidation.

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Author: Yi Pin-wen team Liu Bei Wu, no authorization is prohibited reprint

Since the beginning of 2011, the Syria’s war situation has always attracted the attention of the international media. This country, which is on the major channel of international trade, naturally makes many forces with ambition ready to move. As the major forces struggled for oil and gas pipelines, many countries either explicitly or secretly entered special forces into Syria, and examples of mercenaries receiving outside assistance or assistance from Syrian government forces abound.

(Swedish Scandinavian Volunteer Regiment under the command of the Russian Army in Syria


(US Army Special Forces also have a big headache with these mercenaries)< According to previous news reports, British and American special forces, Turkish troops, Iranian (possibly Revolutionary Guards), Lebanese and Afghan mercenaries have fought in Syria for a long time, and several recent battles with the Norwegian flag have taken place. The photo of the staff broke through everyone’s imagination. In fact, this is not difficult to understand, if you go back to history, Viking Europe's Viking piracy still contributed to the formation of the Kiev Rus. The Slavic infighters frequently and indiscriminately had to invite the Rossians (Finns' names, the Slavs call them the Varians) and left Rick as their king. This was the birth of the Liurek dynasty. The film "Viking: The War of the Kings" shot in Russia in 2016 has a more profound reflection.

(Small number of volunteers that can fight side by side with Russian troops)

Actually, this volunteer force also has citizens from Sweden and Iceland. The Nordic hegemony that enjoyed the reputation of a "superpower of the 17th century" - Sweden had had numerous wars with the original Tsarist Russia. The first sea voyage that Russia had always been eagerly seeking was from Sweden.Taken. However, Tsarist Russia did not have a smooth fight with it. Even Moscow was besieged by the Swedes. After more than 20 years of the Great Northern War (the second Northern War), Tsarist Russia finally forced its strong enemy to surrender, and Sweden has no chance to compete with it. Now her people volunteered to come to Syria to accept the leadership of the Russian army. Now that the Swedish Scandinavian Volunteer Corps has been interviewed by Swedish media to make its name known, it is no wonder that even the US military cannot restrain the Volunteer Army.

(Full Armed"Scandinavia"Volunteer Corps is equipped with high-powered vehicles, and Norwegian officials indicate their country Citizens participating in the armed forces, if they were punished by the Congress,

According to photos on the Internet, this "Scandinavian" volunteer Corps used 5.45 Russian troops. Mm AK-74M automatic assault rifle and Mosin-Nagan rifle. It is alleged that this force has entered numerous battles with extremist organizations with strong combat effectiveness under the command of the Russian military stationed in Syria since it entered Syria in the winter of 2016. When the "Scandinavian" volunteer corps and the Russian military special forces perform their tasks jointly, they will undertake to carry out reconnaissance or siege on a small number of extremist forces in depth into the sphere of enemy forces. When necessary, the Russian military will configure tanks for them to use.

(Iranian Volunteers Killed by Israeli Air Force Air Strike)

(Russia has learned enough lessons in Afghanistan in Syria to make a difference)

Since the war lasted for seven years, the Syrian government forces repeatedly engaged in combat with extremists led to an excessive loss of their army size. It was alleged that its strength was less than 100,000. Syrian governmentThe army had to divide its troops into SAA mobile combat forces and local NDF forces. Fortunately, the Iranian volunteers continued to share the operational pressure. However, Iran could only make a fuss about the depreciation of its currency against the US dollar to transfusion blood for its allies.

(Volunteer The Russian mercenaries who came to Syria were killed by the U.S. military in Deir ez-Zor and could not enjoy the benefits of returning to the country as martyrs, nor could they become heroes in the public media.

On the other extreme Armed internal documents were revealed at the end of August 2016 and proved that the U.S. military provided a monthly salary of 250-400 U.S. dollars for its leaders. Ordinary armed personnel can only get a monthly salary of 50-100 U.S. dollars. US Secretary of Defense Spokesman Ellison-Smith It also said that it will train 5,400 combatants. Russian and Ukrainian eastern (pro-Russian) domestic volunteers were recruited by PMC's private military contractors to Syria, and their monthly salary was reportedly essentially one thousand dollars. If you want to get more returns, you may want to take your time out. On the eastern bank of Deir Zul, you want to get the Ukrainian government's 25 percent income from the Omar oil field. Ukrainian (Fuhan) mercenaries have suffered heavy casualties from US military casualties. The Russian mercenaries that do not belong to the Russian Federation’s armed forces naturally cannot enjoy the protection of war laws. It is no wonder that Russian troops do not admit that they have been bombed by the US military. It is estimated that the treatment of the Nordic volunteer soldiers will not be too bad. After all, this is an allegiance that the US military cannot stop. (Please support the various original articles and physical books of the Yipinwen team. There is something special for independent professionals)