American sword refers to Huangyan Island! Actually we play Wai Wei to save Zhao in the Xisha Islands!

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American sword refers to Huangyan Island! Actually we play Wai Wei to save Zhao in the Xisha Islands!

2018-05-29 10:25:12 289 ℃

On May 27, 2018, two US Navy warships in flagrant violation of the 12-mile territorial sea line of China's Xisha Islands were immediately driven away by my ship. The United States has promoted the undisputed China Xisha territory as a "controversial island reef" in the international arena. It belongs to the strategic Wei Weizhao Zhao! We must not be easily taken in!

Saisha of the U.S. warships touches porcelain and cannot take it on Yongxing Island. Our attention has been checked in Xisha, and it is the real purpose of the Americans to attempt to make a fuss about the Huangyan Island issue.

Huangyan Island is located at 15 degrees north latitude and 117 degrees east longitude, near the east-central South China Sea, and is close to the Chinese mainland. It is only 600 kilometers away from Xisha Yongxing Island, which has already built an island airport. It is completely at China's Leopard’s sea. Within the operational radius of the missile attack aircraft. The fishermen on Hainan Island in China work all year round in the traditional sea area of ​​Huangyan Island.

In China, regardless of whether it is from the government, the military or the private sector, for decades it has never been to Huangyan Island. Interrupted the use and monitoring, and once established a sovereignty monument. However, contrary to the military power that China can reach at any time, the foreign side has been afraid to take more action. Now that China has actually controlled Huangyan Island, it has never built a reef fortune and hasn't filled it up, leaving the Americans with a full "thought!"

The total area of ​​the Huangyan Island Atoll is very large, but only a few pieces of rock are out of the water all year round, that is, there is no land and no vegetation. It is a very ambitious project to fill the land.

China now allows Philippine fishermen to fish near Huangyan Island but must be under the jurisdiction of the Chinese government under.

Controversy over the territorial sovereignty of China and neighboring countries, in fact, has the influence of the United States everywhere, and Huangyan Island is even more so.

The US has been illusionful that China will not deploy warships, fighter planes, and missiles to the new three islands of Nansha; it will not declare the South China Sea air defense identification area; it will no longer control other uninhabited islands and reefs; and it will not suppress the large-scale filling of Huangyan by the Chinese side. The island will continue to maintain the unmanned state of Huangyan Island and give them a backseat to Huangyan Island to retain the opportunity;Rock Island continues to maintain controversy and stays away from China-Fland relations.

It can be seen that in the future, the control over Huangyan Island, especially the continued absence of China’s relics and further reclamation, is an extremely important struggle point. Whether Huangyan Island is filled or not has become an important victory and defeat for the Sino-US South China Sea game. In fact, all the other islands and reefs in the South China Sea are true to each other. If you want to change the status quo, only through the war. Huangyan Island is the only point where foreigners still have illusions.

We need to make good preparations for military struggle. Further strengthen the combat readiness of Hainan and Xisha; implement the battleships, fighters, and missiles as soon as possible to station in Nansha Xindao, and ensure the safety of Huangyan Island from both north and south directions.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs once said: What China does or does not do on Huangyan Island is a matter within the scope of China's sovereignty. China will properly handle related issues.

Dare to fight in order to dare to win! For Huangyan Island, we should still fill in as soon as possible to ensure the sovereignty of the territory.