The Pakistani Railway has shaken off the direct selection of Turkey’s Wuzhi. Why did we not lose?

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The Pakistani Railway has shaken off the direct selection of Turkey’s Wuzhi. Why did we not lose?

2018-05-29 10:25:13 295 ℃

According to the British Jane’s Defence Weekly report on May 25, Pakistan has officially signed an agreement to purchase 30 T-129 helicopter gunships from Turkey. Turkey also confirmed the news. As a result, an earlier series of actions by Pakistanis already hinted at this result. Therefore, this result is not too surprising. Today, we talk about it.

△straight-10 had a parade in Pakistan

Pakistan chose to purchase the Turkish T129 assault helicopter, and there were 30 breaths at a time, mainly for several reasons.

First, Pakistan and Turkey share a common belief. The relationship between the two countries has also become increasingly close in recent years. Moreover, the two countries are mutually beneficial in military exchanges, and each has its own needs. Therefore, Pakistan’s choice of T129 is also very beneficial to its own country. In addition, Turkey’s transfer of the aircraft’s production line to Pakistan is not ruled out.

The overall performance of the TT129 helicopter gunship is actually quite good

Next, from the overall performance point of view, Turkey's T129 attack helicopter is no worse than China's straight-10, and even better performance in many aspects. For example, the LHTEC CTS800-4A turboshaft engine that was equipped with the T129 was originally developed for the legendary American Comanche stealth armed helicopter. Its technical level is higher than that of the Chinese straight-10 vortex-9. Less, the output power reached 1014 kilowatts. Moreover, T129 uses advanced Western-style equipment in airborne avionics equipment, airborne weapons, etc., but also better than the Chinese straight-10.

Moreover, the T129 attack helicopter can use almost all of the on-board weapons of Pakistan’s active AH-1F that are to be replaced. For example, the T129 and AH-1F are equipped with the US military-standard M197 three-tube 20-mm gun. The latter's 70-mm rocket launch nest and the Tao-style anti-tank missile can also be used in the former. Moreover, Turkish military enterprises can also provide more comprehensiveFaced airborne weapons for use by the Pakistani army. These have greatly reduced the logistical support costs for the Pakistani Army's equipment and use of T129 attack helicopters. If the Pakistani army chooses China’s direct-10, it will need to purchase additional weapons and establish a new logistical support system.

Ammunition from the Pakistan AH-1 helicopter can be used with T129

Finally, it should be mentioned that the purchase price of the T129 attack helicopter is likely to be lower than China's straight-10. The prototype of this type of helicopter is the A129 imported from Turkey by Italy Augusta. Its technology introduction cost is much less than the cost of new research and development, and it has established a production line with the help of Italy. At present, the number of Turkey army orders and additional orders has reached 123, plus 30 orders from Pakistan, so much of the production scale can further reduce costs.

According to several aspects, Pakistan’s choice of the T129 attack helicopter is no more normal.

It's a pity to miss out on the Pakistani market, but we shouldn’t be sorry to do it. This case has been told In the future international military trade market, T129 will also become a very strong opponent of the Zhi-10 export. Straight-10 itself is still a good platform. At present, there have been no breakthrough breakthrough models for various reasons. We believe that the improved Zhi-10 will be able to overtake the opponent.