Cai authorities "sold Taiwan" played over the fire! Using Taiping Island as Bait to lure the United States

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Cai authorities "sold Taiwan" played over the fire! Using Taiping Island as Bait to lure the United States

2018-06-08 00:25:03 244 ℃

CCTV News: The United States has recently passed a number of Taiwan-related bills, and Tsai and English authorities are still planning to further bond with the United States. Taiwan media broke the news that Taiwan’s defense department’s pro-green think tank even had a bad idea to introduce the wolf into the room and proposed to lease Nansha Taiping Island to the US military. The mainland side has repeatedly stressed that the self-respect of the ocean will inevitably lead fire.

A number of media on the island revealed on the 5th that Taiwan’s defense department’s pro-green camp think tank proposed that the Cai government could consider humanitarian In the name of the rescue, Taiping Island was loaned to the United States as a counterattack on the mainland’s warships around the island. According to the report, the think tank exchanged views with the Taiwanese high-level officials and "had received many positive comments." Some people even mentioned that additional military equipment such as anti-ship missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and radar stations could be installed on Taiping Island to achieve the purpose of balancing the mainland. The report also stated that everything is still in the discussion stage and there are still considerable variables.

Taiping Island is located in the northern part of the Nansha Islands and covers an area of ​​approximately 0.51 square kilometers. It has been Chinese territory since ancient times.

Some political commentators on the island believe that the Green Camp think tank wants to use the Taiping Island as a bait to lure the United States, but it is actually a parody for Taiwan to use as a target and to kill Taiwan.

A Taiwanese netizen sent a document saying that the Cai authorities “played over the fire” for the United States to rent Taiping Island! Some people also commented that this is the real "sales station."

At the beginning of June, when the US Defense Minister Mattis participated in the "Shangri-La Dialogue" in Singapore, he publicly stated that the Pentagon will continue to firmly cooperate with Taiwan and provide necessary defense weapons and services to "ensure that Taiwan has enough Defence capabilities." In this regard, the Chinese side stated that the Taiwan issue is China’s core interest and cannot be challenged.