Too great! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses these two words to characterize the US warships to cause trouble

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Too great! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses these two words to characterize the US warships to cause trouble

2018-06-08 00:25:03 248 ℃

Manga in the United States, politics is not correct, but look rather interesting

The United States often makes trouble in the southern waters of China and even enters the 12-nation sovereignty area of ​​our island reef. What is the behavior?

Show off force? provocative?

It seems to be right, but it seems to be not enough.

On June 6, Ms. Hua Chunying, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, used a very vivid word: Touch porcelain.

When answering a reporter’s question on the same day, an American reporter asked the question: The US Air Force confirmed yesterday that two US B-52 bombers had overflew the Nansha Islands. Training in the nearby sea. What is China's comment?

Hua Chunying sternly refuted the self-contradiction of the United States. On the one hand, the United States accused China of being militarized, and on the other hand sent an American B-52 bomber. Offensive strategic weapons are here. Is this "militarization"? !

Then she gave U.S. three-point advice:

First, stop hyping the so-called “militarization” issue and stop blinking.

Second, stop harassing and harassment. Because rampage is risky, touching porcelain is also a price. Third, China will not be intimidated by any so-called warships and military planes. It will only be more determined to take all necessary measures to safeguard national sovereignty and maintain peace and stability in relevant regions. .

The most vivid image is "touching porcelain."

What is touch porcelain?

General on the webThe saying, "touch porcelain" originated in Beijing and was "invented" by some of the declining eight-flag brothers of the Qing Dynasty. These people held a "expensive" porcelain (of course, fakes) on weekdays and walked downtown. Then he took the opportunity to intentionally let the carriage wandering carelessly “touch” him. The porcelain in his hand immediately fell to the ground, so the owner of the porcelain entangled the owner of “righteous words” and demanded compensation for the price of the valuable porcelain. . Defeat the person who is basically in a hurry (it is said that the chance of success is high). Over time, people call this behavior "touching porcelain."

The more common touch porcelain now is the person who touched the porcelain suddenly appeared in front of the motor vehicle, forged by the car and injured, and extorted from the owner.

But Hua Chunying said yes, "Touching porcelain is also a price to pay". Originally wanted to extort some small money, but there are also joys and sorrows, touching porcelain level is not high, was crushed on the spot.

This is a meaningful warning. America, you know it!