The enemy is outside the country! Foreign media said that China tested the local version of the "dagger" anti-ship missile

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The enemy is outside the country! Foreign media said that China tested the local version of the "dagger" anti-ship missile

2018-08-04 20:25:01 162 ℃

Reference News Network reported on August 4 According to the "Russian newspaper" reported on August 2, the Chinese Air Force tested a space-based anti-ship ballistic missile carried by the H-6K strategic bomber. Its use and range are similar to the Russian hypersonic ballistic missile "dagger".

The report said that there is no official news about the new weapons. According to information collected by the US National Interest magazine, this missile may be a small-scale land-based ballistic missile, such as the modified version of the Dongfeng-15.

The report quoted the magazine’s military observer Dave Mazanda as saying: “Russia can launch the 'Iskander’ missile from the air at a minimum cost, with a revolutionary speed and range performance’s dagger 'The missile came into being. China can do the same thing.'

The report said that the launch of the "Dongfeng"-15 from the air would cause a problem: 10 meters long "Dongfeng"-15 weight More than 13 tons. The Chinese H-6K strategic bomber can carry missiles to take off, but this requires strengthening the body and installing a special hard rack to hang such bulky ammunition.

The report believes that although the H-6 is a replica of the Soviet Tu-16 bomber during the Cold War, the latest H-6K, which began service in 2011, is equipped with new engines, modern electronic equipment, and used on the aircraft. The composite material. This makes it a threat not only to US ships but also to their land bases.

The report said that the combat radius of the H-6K increased by 30% compared with the previous version, about 2000 nautical miles. Although the D-30 new engine (the MiG-31 equipped with the Russian "Dagger" missile is also equipped with the same engine) is not ideal for long-range bombers, but it has been greatly improved compared with the H-6 engine. Importantly, the H-6K was developed as a cruise missile carrier.

The report said that there are also reports that the secret weapon tested by the Chinese military may be a modification of the "Long Sword"-10K cruise missile. The "Long Sword"-10K is a direct descendant of the Soviet Kh-55 cruise missile purchased by China from Ukraine. China has equipped the missile with many modern components that mimic the US Tomahawk missile and the Russian "caliber" missile.

The report believes that the combination of inertia, satellite guidance and terrain matching makes the "Long Sword"-10K a high-precision weapon that can destroy small moving targets. Indeed, the missile is designed to combat ground targets, but changing this is only a technical issue.

The report said that Ma Zongda concluded: "Beijing officials have not confirmed the rumors of testing new missiles, but if the news is true, it means that the Chinese military has obtained anti-intervention/regions in its important western Pacific. Another tool in the refusal (A2/AD) zone. At the same time, launching a ballistic missile attack on the US aircraft carrier from the ground, submarine and air will pose a major threat."

The picture shows the bomber-6K bomber. Xinhua News Agency