Don't edit the strength of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force to deceive the netizens! Tell you the real data.

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Don't edit the strength of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force to deceive the netizens! Tell you the real data.

2018-08-04 20:25:05 134 ℃

Although China's navy continues to develop, aircraft carriers, cruisers and other new types of warships are constantly launched. However, recently, the US media claimed that the Japanese army is still the most powerful country in the Asian Navy. The Self-Defense Forces rank first in Asia. So, in the end, what is the strength of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force? Is he really the number one in Asia?

A few days ago, Japan had another new destroyer launched, and the Japanese Defense Minister attended the launching ceremony. The warship has a displacement of 5,500 tons. It also has the latest combat system and the latest anti-submarine device. The purpose of designing it is mainly to face the deep sea and make an observation on the submarine in the sea. The United States even reports that This warship is a powerful opponent of our latest missile destroyer. As an anti-submarine warship, the Asahi can carry two helicopters and missiles such as sea sparrows. It is coordinated with the Qiuyue. One is responsible for the air targets at sea, and one is responsible for hitting the targets in the sea. The warships were upgraded.

If you look at the capabilities of a single ship, Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force is stronger, then he can Can't be the first in Asia? If there is help from the United States, it is very likely, because as a pro-American country, all the weapons in Japan are basically American, and its operating system, command system, and radar system are more complete Americans. If the United States does not help him, then these are all white, and although its power at sea is relatively strong, the future operations will certainly not be a single confrontation between the arms. The competition must be the Navy, the Army, The cooperation between the Air Force, the Rocket Army, and other arms, a high-ranking official in Japan said that if China does not use the Rocket Army, Japan’s sea power is definitely stronger than that of China, but since China has a Rocket Army, why not use it? ? If there is a conflict, it is the most important thing to win. Who will be stupid naval against the navy, and the army against the army, it must be that the various arms cooperate with each other and fight together! So what they say is the first in Asia, it is a bit lopsided.

And, as the younger brother of the United States, the United States has also supported Japan for many years, nothing to boast about Japan, and more to Japan. The people are confident. Therefore, the evaluation of the Japanese army is also the first, there is a certain amount of water in it.

In addition to the potential of war, if you really want to compete, the naval shipbuilding and military spending is also a big part of it, and in any case, Japan wants to dominate. It is impossible.