Will Russia sell the Pocket Aegis ship to Vietnam? Against the sea, the power is over 056, but it has fatal flaws.

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Will Russia sell the Pocket Aegis ship to Vietnam? Against the sea, the power is over 056, but it has fatal flaws.

2018-08-05 20:25:21 149 ℃

Recently, Russia’s plan to sell 22,800 “Hurricane” class small missile ships (light frigates) to Vietnam, India and China is very interesting. As a small missile ship built by the Russian Navy, the Chinese Navy The 056-type light frigates, which are larger and more airworthy, have been in large service, but the possibility of the "Pocket Aegis" with four fixed-phase phased array radars entering the Vietnamese Navy is still very high. of.

Image: The first ship "Hurricane", pay attention to the "Ore-M" phased array radar

< p> Compared to the 22350 Russian Aegis frigate, the 22800 "Hurricane" class may not be familiar. In the Russian Navy's participation in the strike against Syria, the 900-ton 21,613 "Thug-M"-class small-scale missile ship frequently appeared in the limelight. In the Caspian Sea and other sea areas, it used the ship's 8-unit UKSK to launch the "caliber-NK" remotely. Land attack cruise missiles are an important target for combating hostile forces in Syria.

Image: "Thug-M" class small missile ship launching "caliber-NK"

The 22800 model with a displacement of only 800 tons is the successor of the "Thug-M", which has better offshore seaworthiness than the "Thug-M". Particularly striking is the fact that the "Ore-M" active phased array radar system with four fixed arrays is integrated above the bridge, and the sea-to-air search reconnaissance capability is far stronger than the "Thug-M". The 1,200-ton class has been modified by the Israeli Lightweight Phased Array Radar (ALPHA), the Israeli Navy's Saar 5 light frigate. The "Hurricane" class is well-deserved as the world's most compact Aegis ship.

Image: "Hurricane" level changed to AK176MA main gun

However, "hurricane" At the same level, there is no medium-range ship-to-air missile such as the Ballack-8 equipped with the Saar 5 upgrade. The sea, ground and air defense capabilities are maintained at the level of “Thug-M”. The same 8-unit UKSK hangs, can launch "Gem" (ie BrahMos) supersonic anti-ship missiles and "caliber-NK" land attack cruise missiles, but the main gun is "Thug-M" 100 mm caliber AK190 Changed to a 76 mm AK176MA with a hidden turret.

Image: "Hurricane" class only 2 AK630 near anti-cannon

In air defense and anti-submarine In terms of ability, the "hurricane" level is similar to the "Thug-M" level. The Russian version has only two AK630 near-anti-aircraft guns. It is almost in the same streaking state as the Chinese Navy's Type 022 missile boat. The export type should be equipped with a set. The "Kashtan" artillery combined with a near-defense system, overall, the "Hurricane" class with the name of "Aegis Ship" is empty, and the air defense and anti-submarine capabilities are very poor.

Image: The "Hurricane" level of the UKSK8 unit is similar to the "Thug-M"

< In contrast, the Chinese Navy's Type 056 light frigate does not pursue too much outstanding sea-to-ground strike capability, but has a more balanced air defense and anti-submarine capability. It is equipped with 8 units of "Red Flag-10" ship-to-air missiles, with better ability to intercept sea-skimming anti-ship missiles. It can be equipped with helicopters. The anti-submarine type 056A can also launch a new generation of flying rocket-assisted torpedoes (anti-submarine missiles). ) After all, the ability to strike the sea and the ground can be completed by large ships such as 052D and 055.

Image: 056 has served more than 40 ships

For the Vietnamese Navy, "Hurricane" The more prominent anti-ship and land attack capabilities are a means of asymmetric attack that can be relied upon. The Vietnamese Navy has ordered four "Cheetah"-class light frigates from Russia. When the economy is not plentiful, it has ordered a "hurricane" class from Russia, and combined with the Kilo-class submarines to form a new "air-immediate fast" strike force. There are some possibilities.

Image: The 3rd and 4th Leopard-class frigates of the Vietnamese Navy

"Hurricane" The level is that the Russian Navy’s large ship plan has repeatedly jumped the ticket. The product of “small Boda”, Russia plans to build 18 “hurricane” grades for its navy. Today only four ships are launched, and China has built more than 40 models of Type 056. The number of light frigates, 054A, 052D and 055 is equally large, so even if the Vietnamese Navy can obtain the "hurricane" level, it can not change the absolute weakness of its system's combat capability.

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