In the parade, he was attacked by a suicide drone, and the Venezuelan president escaped the assassination on the live broadcast.

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In the parade, he was attacked by a suicide drone, and the Venezuelan president escaped the assassination on the live broadcast.

2018-08-05 20:25:24 119 ℃

August 4th is the 81st anniversary of the establishment of the Venezuelan National Guard. The military held a grand military parade in the capital Caracas to celebrate. President Maduro and senior military personnel participated, but yesterday The ceremony took place on the way to the middle of the accident, but it can be seen from the live TV show that just as Maduro was speaking, there were several explosions on the scene, and then the soldiers who lined up began to panic and evacuate. The president's bodyguards also quickly rushed to the main guest station, surrounded Maduro with a folded bulletproof shield that was carried around, and then protected him from evacuation. According to the preliminary findings of the current police, the explosion was caused by several suicide drones loaded with explosives. However, these drones exploded without being in place, so the attack failed and only 7 people were injured at the scene.

The soldiers who fled in the televised broadcast

Maduro is speaking

Bodyguards move quickly

After the assassination failed, an organization called the "National Flannel Soldiers Movement" claimed responsibility for this. They explained the reasons for the early explosion of drones through social media. According to them, the two attackers The drone filled with C4 explosives was intercepted by a nearby sniper responsible for security. It was exploded after being hit, but the organization’s statement was not confirmed by much authority. According to the interviews of the witnesses in the media, they only heard two explosions, so it was confirmed that they were two drones. In addition to the military parade, there was an explosion in a residential building around the glass-valved avenue in Caracas. This made the police nervous during the moment and suspected that it was a serial crime. However, after a large number of police arrived, they found it a false alarm. The cause of the explosion was caused by natural gas tanks in residential buildings.

The situation was stable in the afternoon Later, Venezuelan President Maduro appeared and made some speeches. He accused the attack of being launched by the far-right forces supported by neighboring Colombia and the United States, but the Colombian side quickly denied it and pointed out that Madou Luo’s allegations are groundless. However, with the decline in international oil prices in recent years, Venezuela’s domestic economy has been in trouble, inflation has been severe, and the living standards of the residents have been seriously affected. Therefore, the domestic turmoil has been raging in recent years. In June last year, Caracas Some key departments have also been attacked, when an attacker threw a helicopter to throw some grenades at some department buildings.