This war will completely change the situation in Syria, the United States will issue the highest threat, and Russia will never give in.

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This war will completely change the situation in Syria, the United States will issue the highest threat, and Russia will never give in.

2018-08-30 10:25:43 175 ℃

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The Syrian war situation has undergone a fundamental change. The main force of the Syrian army is gathering in the Idlip region and is preparing to launch a large-scale campaign. The success of the campaign will turn Syria’s current three-point situation into a dominance and play a key role in ultimately restoring peace and stability in Syria.

The good situation in Syria now makes the United States suffer, that is, wanting to slay Bashar and not want to fall into In the quagmire of Syria, it has to be intensified and seek to attack Syria again. Just like the previous military strikes against Syria, it has publicly issued a military threat to Syria. There are no new changes in the excuses used. The so-called chemical weapons problem seems to no longer find other more appropriate reasons. In fact, the United States and France have joined forces to make the highest military threat, and it seems that they will start fighting in a word.

Western related media has begun to hype the Syrian chemical weapons issue. It seems that military strikes are imperative. That is to say, next, it depends on whether its allies will create so-called Chemical weapons incident. Everyone knows that this is a double-education in the United States. The Russian side has formally issued a serious warning and has produced a lot of relevant evidence that the so-called Syrian opposition is trying to cooperate with the US military. Various preparations were made for the so-called chemical weapons incident.

We don't have to doubt anything, no US military can't do it, no excuses can make excuses, against Syria The only question to take military action is: What is the significance of the US military’s attack on Syria again?

At least from the current situation, we can exclude the possibility of the US military’s large-scale military operations against Syria. The US military has not yet carried out any military preparations for any large-scale invasion. More importantly, Russia has already sent troops to Syria. If the US military infinitely expands its military operations in Syria, it can only cause a war between the United States and Russia, which the United States cannot afford.

Since the two sides are unlikely to make a big hit, then the US military is brushing its own sense of existence, actually No compensation is not used? As long as the US military is not able to send heavy troops and once again fight the war of extermination, just as the first two times, a long-range strike with cruise missiles is useless for the entire Syrian war. On the contrary, it may be counterproductive. First, give Russia again. The equipment was advertised, and with the war in Syria, the Russian arms sold quite hot! Secondly, let the Syrian military morale flourish, dare to face the US military strikes, not to yield, and lose is also worthy of pride, because compared with the US superpower, Syria is too weak. Once again, let the opposition lose its fighting spirit. The US military ran away with a shot. It was not a help. It only gave them a feeling of losing the backstage. In the end, they could only be chilling.

This kind of shouting, and the attitude of not dare to fight, can only prove the actual state of the United States Even if you have a superficial article, what is the point? In fact, this point has already been seen by Russia. Now Russia has set out the paper tigers in the hard-top West of Syria to see what they can do. Reference: "Analysis of the Syrian Civil War"Modern International Relations

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