Respect for strength: my military strength circle, Putin allocated 28 million for the August 1st performance team

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Respect for strength: my military strength circle, Putin allocated 28 million for the August 1st performance team

2018-08-30 10:25:44 148 ℃

At the just-concluded Russian "Army-2018" International Military Technology Forum, China's military industrial enterprises and the August 1st Air Show Team have properly circled a large number of powders in Moscow. As the Chinese military worker who invited Russia to participate in the exhibition and the only foreign flight demonstration team invited, the Russian side has given the face of our country.

For this flight show, our Bayi Air Show team sent a luxury lineup, 7 J-10 performance machines And two support transport planes flew to Moscow. At the same time, in order to provide more exciting performances, the Bayi Air Show team deliberately arranged and publicized the four formations horizontally. The completion of these difficult flight movements has added a lot to the military forum, which has made our Bayi flight demonstration team and the Russian Swift Air Show team together become the most eye-catching star in Moscow Sky.

Of course, in the arrival of China’s August 1st Air Show Team, the Russian side can do a lot of work. In order to welcome the August 1st performance team, President Putin gave special attention and personally ordered the payment of 28 million reception fees. For the economically difficult Russia, this is not a small amount. It is enough to show such money to see the sincerity of Russia. At the same time, the Russian side also provided a complete logistics supply and high-standard hangar and pilot reception.

If Russia’s respect for the August 1st Air Show Team is only an affirmation of China’s pilot technology, then The active invitation of the military industry will show more overall recognition of the strength of our military industry. For such military sales activities, it is generally the occasion where the host introduces its own products. However, the Russian side has taken the initiative to invite Chinese military industrial enterprises to come to the exhibition, and there is a great deal of cooperation with China.

Of course, our military has not let the Russian side down, taking Chinese military workers represented by China’s North Industrial Group Advanced achievements in the fields of aircraft manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding and electronics in China. Focus on the display of artillery, tanks, air defense systems, anti-missile systems, anti-tank weapons and other equipment. Most importantly, it also brought new equipment such as infrared detectors, infrared cameras, infrared sensors, thermal imaging night vision devices, infrared cameras, and infrared telescopes that Russia urgently needs.

It can be said that the progress of these military strengths in China has become Russia's sufficient attention. With the weakness of the Russian economy, the fault of R&D investment, and the Western blockade, Chinese military industry will become an important supplier of Russian military components. Chinese technology will also appear more and more in Russian military products.