Worse than the Mongolian Navy! The navy of this country has just equipped a new warship and found that the "sea" is gone.

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Worse than the Mongolian Navy! The navy of this country has just equipped a new warship and found that the "sea" is gone.

2018-09-04 20:25:24 223 ℃

Someone knows where this photo was taken?

Mongolia, as a landlocked country, can’t even see the shadow of the sea. Its army still has a “Navy” compilation, which is really inexplicable.

▲Mongolian Navy’s only ship said:

You are not too shameful. I am also shameless...

As of 2010, all the Mongolian Navy’s homes are also three tugs, two guns, one engine and seven navies. soldier. Despite the chill, the obsessive Mongolian Navy still set up its flagship.... Yes, the tugboat is the flagship.

The "water army" with the sea in mind is not just a Mongolian family, but the Mongolian Navy has something to say: there is more than me. Even worse, Uzbek brother dei!

Uzbekistan is a landlocked country like Mongolia and is sandwiched between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. The northern part of it is a vast aral sea, covering an area of ​​64,500 square kilometers, which is similar to the area of ​​Ningxia Autonomous Region in China, with a depth of more than 60 meters.

Uzbekistan was once considered the most combative army in Central Asia, although it did not see the sea. However, the Aral Sea also carries the word "sea". If it is said that there is no navy, isn’t it a big joke? Uzbekistan is also a country with a "Navy Dream", and the waters it uses must be used.

In 1996, landlocked countries around the Aral Sea established water regimes... Oh, no, "Navy" forces, Uzbekistan can’t sit still, you built them, I don’t build them, and I’m also on the face. Can't go! So the first batch of warships were introduced from Germany and the United Arab Emirates, and the water army was formed in the Aral Sea.

▲Uzbek’s river patrol boat, inheriting the Soviet Union

It is a pity that these soldiers are really "parallel imports". They probably want to build submarine units directly. One wave of operation is as fierce as the tiger, and the ship is directly sent to the bottom. Yes, I am afraid of this high level of operation, and Uzbekistan’s ambition to form a navy has been put aside.

It’s been until 2003 that Central Asian countries Resources strengthen the construction of the Navy. Although the Caspian Sea and Uzbekistan do not border, Uzbekistan could not help but regain the navy’s dream to build troops and purchased a number of ships and helicopters from South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. This constitutes two warships and four minesweepers. A total of more than 40 ships and other types of ships, with a strong lineup of more than 2,500 combat personnel, covering surface ships, shore-based artillery and marine units, deployed in the Aral Sea.

▲The Ukrainian Navy’s armored gunboats in service in 2017

In this way, Uzbekistan is fully equipped with the three armed forces of the sea, land and air. Although the scope of activities is very limited, training, patrolling and combating smuggling Crimes, etc., maintain a normal order and play a significant role.

Speaking of the water police and sea police in other countries, the navy is going to speak, the navy is so good, then the Chinese marine police have long been.........

▲The Chinese Marine Police, the same as the frigate

▲Aral Sea was once the fourth largest lake in the world,See you now The bottom of the population

and the rapid increase in coastal population and industrial development led to the discharge of a large amount of wastewater into the Aral Sea. This trend is exacerbated by the rapid decline of water area, which was divided as early as 1987. The two parts of the South and the North, in 2003, became more and more in the east and the west. So far, the area of ​​the Aral Sea has shrunk by 74% and the water storage has been reduced by almost 85%!

▲A narrow picture of the Aral Sea

Uzbekistan has a hard time saying it, and it’s hard to manage the navy. It’s good, and the “sea” has become a “pond”... the most pessimistic estimate, around 2020 The Aral Sea will be completely landed. People can change their military uniforms and go to shore to change the army, but the ships can't get on the shore, waiting for their fate to be either scrapped or thrown on the dry riverbed to rust. Although the Uzbek government is actively adopting various protection measures, it is basically impossible to maintain a large area of ​​water.

The Mongolian Navy has at least a ship with a "sea". Uzbekistan has become a ship without a "sea". So I am afraid that Mongolia’s "Seven Wuhai" will laugh at them. Dilemma. Uzbekistan’s naval dream may indeed return to the form of dreams.

Afterwards, we may only see the Uzbek Navy in the paragraph.