Cheng Junhui: Fall Valley is still holding the fuze

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Cheng Junhui: Fall Valley is still holding the fuze

2016-07-21 21:41:07 560 ℃

Source: Liberation Army daily client Author: Yan Haotianyuan

Cheng Junhui before Department of Yunnan Military demining command demining teams of three class a corporal, 1994 was born on May 16, 2012 December from Chongqing longevity enlisted, served as the 14th army brigade engineers even 14 class vice squad. July 2015 to participate in the third larger scale mine action in the border between China and vietnam. On June 4, 2016, in Funing County Tian Peng Zhen banana Tang flint Pingshan minefield perform artificial search task when the glorious sacrifice, only 22 years old. Yunnan provincial military approved him as a martyr, being two. From today onwards, Liberation Army Daily, the client will be published three communication, recalling the sacrifice on the battlefield Minesweeper young warriors, today launched the first article"Willing to shed blood to write loyalty --" life for people with worm mine heroic fighter "Cheng Junhui".

In the Yunnan Military border mine heroes book records had blood onto the frontier. Dedicated to the minefield, life has created "not afraid of hardships, regardless of disability sacrifice, regardless of personal gain or loss, eliminate mine barrier for people's" great mine spirit of the heroic martyrs.

In June this year, in the book of martyrs, and add a new name: Cheng Junhui. He was 3 years and 6 months of military career writing his loyalty to the party and the people, with the practice of life is only 22 years old, his commitment.

Sprinkling blood to write the man to give up loyalty, such as iron. Cheng Junhui at the expense of that 90 soldiers iron general play, his spirit inspired his comrades to continue the campaign "death zone", a complete end to the southern landmine battle, you are sure to win!

Cheng Junhui (left) was prepared on the scene when the mine minefield search row (video screenshot)

40 DEG C, he in the cliff mine when, at the foot of the stone suddenly collapsed, the unfortunate fall more than 30 meters of the bottom, died in the arms of Castle Peak Weiwei, practicing the "people's mine" the clank of the oath. Before his death, he often said:

"Like the soldiers loaded bullets, the key moment to get out of exclusion"

Banana pond, a very poetic name. Here the hills and downs, all over the grass, but no one dare to graze, because there are too many buried mine. Located in Flint banana Tang Pingshan minefields, steep, heavily mined, is one of the most difficult place of mine.

June 4th, Cheng Junhui and his comrades broke into the dead zone to carry out manual search. Before, most of the vegetation is flint Pingshan mine blasting tube light. Head, bare rocks of the mountain is a scorched earth, a transporting explosives opened up the path from the foot of the slow side winding on the top, front and side slope with ridge are mine.

To the minefield, Cheng Junhui staring at the mountain front scarps observed a moment, active contention: "I am from the front of the uphill, we from the side outflanking!" And he was heavily armed, to search the biggest difficulty of the steep cliff walk.

"The day the sun, the hot sun on the bare rocks, there are at least 40 DEG C temperature." Vice monitor Xu Zhengchang said: "the thought of Cheng Junhui is a veteran in battle of mine shaft, I let him go."

18 am, search Cheng Junhui to the hillside, the hands of the mine detector issued a warning sound, he reminded the Zheng Chang Xu 10 meters away from his: "trip mine fuze, you immediately retreated to 15 meters away." As he ruled out a deep concentration fuze, the rock at the foot of Cheng Junhui suddenly collapsed, falling to 30 meters deep. Zheng Chang Xu is beside the search row rushed down the mountain, I saw the Cheng Junhui lying unconscious in a piece of thorns, two eyebrows wound bled, hands clasped the rocket just exclude the landmine fuze.

"Send to hospital!" We quickly carried Cheng Junhui car, with Fu Shizhong immediately on the implementation of medical treatment. Through the minefield to Tian Peng Zhen hospitals and then removed to 70 km outside of the Funing County People's Hospital, ambulance sped on, ultimately failed to catch Cheng Junhui passing speed of. At 22 o'clock, Cheng Junhui died in hospital for severe brain injury. That day, from his 22 years old birthday, just over 19 days.

Cheng Junhui before the exclusion of some mines Ceng Haoyun photo

1 years ago, Cheng Junhui raised his hand in mine swearing in ceremony, oath: "for the people of mine, for the military flag!" Commitment only in a moment, in order to honor this commitment, Cheng Junhui fight to the last moment of life. During his lifetime, Cheng Junhui often said: "like the soldiers loaded bullets, the key moment to get out of exclusion!"

"He said so, and that's the way it is." Many and Cheng Junhui elbow comrade in arms says: "dangerous and Xiande, Jun Hui is always the first to rush, in order to task dare desperately, not hesitate to comrades life."

Corporal Li Shuming forget, last November, he first cleaning ditch explosion, mine clearance and rake plane with a wood handle has a high degree of decay of grenades, then pull one end of a tube wrapped in the teeth of a harrow, projectile has dropped to the ground, bared bared braved the white smoke. Li Mingshu was too frightened to move. "Duck!" At a crucial moment when Cheng Junhui put him down on the ground and used his body to build a "wall for him". Fortunately, it is a dud, Cheng Junhui just escaped.

Corporal Zheng Hai Yang forget -- in March this year, he and Cheng Junhui partner in interior eardamom Zhai a highland operation, hydrox cylinder suddenly rolled to the 70 meters down the steep slope in the bushes. Cheng Junhui cautious underground to slope, to haul the hydrox cylinder up, suddenly landslides, Cheng Junhui ducked into a mountain behind a boulder was spared. Yang Zhenghai gave him a sweat, Cheng Junhui said: "I have experience, next time I go first."

Li Yang Sergeant forget deal - April this year, a class Minesweeper group broke into dense shrub of Li Jia Wan minefield, Cheng Junhui and he took a machete open in front. Go to a pass, Li Yangzheng in front of the Bush brandished a knife cut down, Cheng Junhui was a pull. Lifts an eye to hope, Li Yang surprised out in a cold sweat: the overhead less than 1 m branches on wrapped in a black rubber line, rubber line head system with hand grenades. Cheng Junhui ordered group members immediately evacuated, he took out a small scissors, left hand light supporting body, right hand cut rubber, the Fengyun dangerous grenade take down.

Castle Peak bear witness! Cheng Junhui with heavy emotion and faith world life Jiannuo forever. Now, Cheng Junhui was swept minefields scorched earth retransmission green, cow bell and reed in the mountains.

In October 8, 2015 Cheng Junhui joined the minesweeping training at the scene of war. Ling Yingwen photo

High temperature heat, injury, insect attacks...... Mine every push forward an inch, the soldiers have to pay a very hard. Cheng Junhui cumulative homework more than 900 hours, with superhuman will and indomitable spirit of the play, will be a difficult, godlike bitter hard to chew. He says --

"The hard won't be overcome by the soldiers, there is no task that can not be completed"

Mine, both to face the threat of death, but also to endure the hard work of ordinary people difficult to experience. Mine three teams work place, and some called the village of the village, take the volcano, the lion hill, land fort...... Some soldiers joked: This is the "journey to the west" in the name, the environment is difficult to rare in the world. Cheng Junhui smiled and said to his comrades: "speak" journey to the west "is the story of the Tang's monk scriptures, in fact, we mine is' learn ', but we take is people' happiness through '. For the happiness of the people, the mine can not overcome the hard, there is no task can not be completed!"

Several areas are typical of the sub tropical climate, only the rain and drought in the two quarter, the scorching sun is a long time. Hot weather, temperatures often jump 40 degrees, people stay in the shade, sweat will take a non-stop. Even so, mine protection officers should wear clothes in the air tight, tense operations minefield. During a break from protective clothing, 5 wet camouflage twist out of sweat, can fill a helmet.

In such an extreme environment, the water is not enough to drink. Officers and men are often drunk and thirsty, drink more and more thirsty, often dry throat dry. And Cheng Junhui is recognized as one of the most "tolerance". In April this year, the four class monitor Li Siyang heat in the Lijiawan minefield when collapsed, Cheng Junhui volunteered to support them. Then four class brought the waters drained, Cheng Junhui do not hesitate to put their own water bottle left lisiyang, he alone withstand high temperatures is provided with a drug, blasting. When four soldiers put Li Siyang down the mountain before suddenly remembered: Cheng Junhui to monitor the water, and he himself how to do? When they are carrying bottled water run on operating point, found that almost Cheng Junhui collapse, pale lips Zhengda mouth chewing grass leaves a pail of water.

Cheng Junhui is thirsty, bearing at. In the mountains of mine, the most hard to transport mine blasting cylinder. Trucks can only reach where there is a road, some from the minefield and 35 km road, a box of 26 kg of mine blasting tube, only rely on two legs, one step at a time to the mountain move. The soldiers of the health care team cadres, make sure they carry a little rest a few times on the way. Cheng Junhui every time to carry two boxes, others take a rest for half an hour, he every 1 hours to rest for continuous handling. He said, I carry a point, the task is completed early.

Once at the Lijiawan mine mine, a sudden heavy rain drenched the ditch blasting wet and slippery. Cheng Junhui carried on a mine blasting tube, Baji Baji mud burst in the ditch "Yangko dance". Walked, slipped and fell on the ground. "Sting slip away" sound, blink out several meters ten. In order to protect the mine blasting tube, he simply did not give up, the elbows and feet by stones and thorns pierced several hole. Simple wound, Cheng Junhui also carry the continued delivery of hydrox cylinder. Comrades by twos and threes grab his shoulder thing, he clung to: "this little hurt no matter, continue to do!"

More than 5 months of bad luck hydrox cylinder, Cheng Junhui hands, shoulders, heels worn swelling, bleeding, and scab, and worn, long cocoon. His waist muscle damage due to overload, and sometimes a pain, but he didn't shout bitter.

In April 27th Cheng Junhui at the scene when the minefield of mine. Ling Yingwen photo

Many southern poisonous snakes, coupled with minefield for many years no one dare one step beyond, became a hotbed of poisonous snakes thrive. The minefield, officers and soldiers in addition to and see not see "the enemy" (mine) out of combat, but also suffered from the serpent attacks, leeches attack, is a arduous battle. One day, Cheng Junhui dived into the woods open, "sou" sound, jump out of a bamboo green, Cheng Junhui and it has been deadlocked for more than 10 minutes to find opportunities to bypass it. Cheng Junhui said that the peaceful sunshine frontier, animal creatures also have, to avoid damage while not killing.

The snake is avoided, to prevent insects. Once, Cheng Junhui in the "leech ditch" last row a mine, next is a nest of ants. Expand mine pit alerted the ant colony, highly aggressive ants along to the sleeves and the collar of Cheng Junhui in heavy protective clothing in drill, the bite was stinging Cheng Junhui and heart palpitations. Cheng Junhui choked back pain, exhausted body strength safety ruled out mine. Take off the protective clothing, Cheng Junhui chest back, abdomen thigh, armpits crotch is full of shocking red pimple. Captain Jiang Junfeng gave a thumbs up to him: "special hardship, to fight, good!"

No regret, no regret, no regret. Cheng Junhui wrote in his diary: "to fight the well water, with endless strength. We are young, bitter tired calculate what, sleep is good." To participate in the mining operations, Cheng Junhui personal cumulative 130 days about 910 days, the delivery of more than 3.2 tons of mine blasting, excluding mines, grenades and other explosives, more than 120 pieces.

Cheng Junhui is in the minefield in minesweeping

He dedicated himself to the minefield youth without any regrets, "two studies do striving to pioneer, in the pursuit of personal goals into the journey of the great power dream the dream of a strong army, erected a young Party member of the selfless dedication, diligent and good at, a firm belief in the good way. He says --

"I was a member of the Communist Party, everywhere should be the" vanguard fighters. ""

In Cheng Junhui the martyr's relics, there is a red eye-catching emblem. Squad leader Li Yang said, Cheng Junhui made a good appearance of the military, but also set up a good appearance of Party members. In the face of danger minefield danger, he rushed up, facing the dilemma of personal future, he live firmly heart.

Last September and in demining team battles training are in full swing, a paper notice to Cheng Junhui recall the old forces, for the need of comprehensive exercises of temporary transfer of his back full burst of backbone.

The important task Cheng Junhui bear for the storm troopers open access, in the exercise, he commanded the Engineer class mine, barrier breaking, "enemy" position front smoke four, billowing tieliu destroy Huanglong...

Drill end engineer company instructor Xu Maojun Cheng Junhui please go to my dormitory chat.

"You stay, lead me to do the work." Xu Maojun don't talk bending, "I heard your files to transferred to the provincial military region the, the forces of reform, can not come back is anybody's guess."

Cheng Junhui said: "I loathe to give up the old forces, I learn a engineer training, now is come in handy when school. I don't want to lose this opportunity."

See Cheng Junhui was adamant, Xu Maojun simply to point out the meaning: "you are the backbone of the business trip, leaders are familiar with you. In this test, provided, walks enrollment opportunities, while the demining team is only a temporary unit...... For a personal future, you are good to think about it."

To say like this, said a little not fond of it is false. Cheng Junhui was silent for a moment, and finally said, "instructor, you are our good brother, but I am a party member, not for your future he chickened out." On the second day, we went back to the mine.

Cheng Junhui moment to a party member's standard demands on themselves, minefield he dare Ganpin, daily work is diminished motivation, enthusiasm is not reduced. He said: "I was a member of the Communist Party, everywhere should be the" vanguard fighters. "."

In May this year, "two studies do activities in depth, Party branch secretary Yin Binghan mine three team members of the backbone of requirements and minesweeping task is heavy, but the party constitution, study the series of important speech of president not to relax and party backbone to take the lead. Is not only a theoretical backbone and party leader Cheng Junhui used in charge of the minefield momentum and wisdom, into the learning activities. During the demining team, he used the time to rest and work neatly written the words notes and more than 10 articles of learning experience, also to learn chairman's speech excerpt written to, put at the foot of the bed as a motto.

In May this year, a "husband and wife wedding night handwritten constitution" news brush burst micro circle of friends, Party group within individual party members affected by this, "handwritten constitution 100 days" activities have prejudice: "copy and constitution have what use? Show!"

Cheng Junhui did not directly criticize them, but patience: "as a party member, learning the party constitution and practice of the party constitution is the party life should pursue. Just copy the constitution learning is an effective means in the process, can make people stop and ensure the effectiveness of learning. If you have a better way, you can get out of the sun, we can be more than a ratio, to see who learn a solid." Those party members heard him say this, then copy the initiative to join the party constitution, the activities of the party school.

In the view of Cheng Junhui. With the party constitution and President Xi series of important speech correction of their ideals and beliefs, guide their journey of life, the life happy and fulfilling. In a theoretical study, comrade Hu Hailong asked him, the party's innovation theory is good, but I can not see what is the relationship with us.

Cheng Junhui closed the notebook, put forward "The Belt and Road" strategy from the President Xi's background about Yunnan connecting strategic fulcrum function in the "The Belt and Road" construction, and then talked about a crucial role of mine action in the opening of Yunnan to play. "We are not only for the benefit of the people of the mine, but also for the country to develop a strategic output. Learning the party's innovation theory is not only a powerful weapon to transform the values of the world outlook, but also our generation to participate in the community, understand the community, the interpretation of social development process." Let Hu Hailong explain demolish with penetrating criticism thumbs up.

The deeper theory, the more profound understanding of the mission of the party members. In demining team to carry out the "two studies do" in the speech contest. Cheng Junhui such a speech so that the blood of Fen Zhang, he said: "some people think the motivation to join the Party of 90 soldiers with utilitarianism, 'for meritorious service' 'to be the monitor' 'in order to promote cadre' 'to get a sense of identity is more'...... To be honest, that did all of these ideas is not realistic. But I think for a few more 90 members, will state and the development of the army and the fate of individuals as a community, hoping to be able to participate in the course of this one history, promote the course of this one history, hopes to become the organism a part of! " Table full of pride, the audience applause.

Good looks is a good benchmark. Under the influence of Cheng Junhui, more than 20 demining team members submitted an application to join the party to the party organization. Chen Xiaohai 90 soldiers in the application writes: "see one party in charge of minefields in the figure before, hear one party about devote communistic ideal heroic declaration, I was them embodied lofty ideals and firm belief in the infection impressed, determined her to join the party organization in the belief."

June 18, where Cheng Junhui sacrifice, demining team of more than 70 officers and men experienced the grief of lost comrades, again for battle mobilization. Towering mountains echoed with their heroic oath: "please rest assured that the party, please be assured of the motherland, please rest assured that the people! We will uphold the spirit of the martyrs, with action to produce worthy of the times loyalty answer!"