The German Chancellor spoke up to support the death of the old American! Said that understanding this big country is going to play a big fight

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The German Chancellor spoke up to support the death of the old American! Said that understanding this big country is going to play a big fight

2018-09-08 00:25:22 155 ℃

Germany suddenly broke the consistent position of Western countries and claimed to support Russia in the fight against terrorists in Syria!

German Chancellor Merkel made this statement today, which surprised many people.

The Syrian government earlier announced a large-scale operation to liberate Idley Bu, this is the stronghold of the country’s last terrorist.

The German media reported today that German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed support for Russia’s actions in Syria.

Merkel is commenting on the ongoing war in Syria, and Idrib is about to During the fierce battle, he told reporters that it is necessary to carry out activities against radical terrorist organizations. She also stressed that "but at the same time it is necessary to protect civilians, this will be a very important and important task."

This is the first time that the leaders of Western powers have explicitly supported Russia’s fight against terrorist organizations in Syria. In the past, the United States and other countries have always accused the Russian and Syrian governments of their operations.

After Russia entered the army in Syria, it has carried out long-term air strikes in the area.

The new US representative to Syria insists that the Syrian government’s offensive will lead to Serious consequences.

At the same time, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer also revealed that she had discussed this issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, and stressed that "avoiding humanitarian disasters" in this war-torn country. necessity.

Western countries often claim that the Syrian government and Russia’s anti-terrorist actions have harmed civilians, and the actual fighting has indeed become more complicated by the use of civilians as civilian shields by armed elements. Many militants even deliberately transferred the fighting to inhabited areas.

US Secretary of State Pompeo still insists that Washington also agrees that Russia is worried about the attack on the Idlib terrorist organization. He said: "Many people who have fled these other relegation areas have fled to this place. These people have no place to go, and the Russians say that Idlib has terrorists. We absolutely agree to have terrorists in these places." /p>

Merkel’s remarks are somewhat different from the consistent positions of Western countries, acknowledging that Russia’s Syrian fighting is dominated by offensive terrorist organizations.

Idlib is known as the last hotbed of Syrian terrorists. Both the Russian and Syrian governments say the situation in the region is worsening. The militants are planning a chemical attack on civilians in the area and planting it in the Syrian government, thus prompting a new round of air strikes against Syria by the United States and other Western countries!