Pilots can't tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest.

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Pilots can't tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest.

2018-09-10 20:25:22 142 ℃


At the beginning of this year, a pair of counterfeit flying fighters performed awkwardly, and the video of the “stools” was smashed by the instructors during the training flight. This is still more than half a year, and a similar live treasure came out. In the video, the pseudo-instructor always shouted and yelled at the students, "I heard you are blowing the snails", "You talk nonsense along the way"... The swearing words made the netizens comment: The instructor may have been driving school before. What is even more ridiculous than the video content is that the video was actually from a documentary that was used by the puppet army to promote it.

Note the video in the upper right corner of the video screenshot is part of the pseudo-military publicity

In other words, the video of this paragraph is very shameful, but the puppet army thinks it is worth blowing. Probably they think that the roots of recruits do not need any self-esteem, as long as they are so sullen and disgusting. The problem is that since the psychological quality of the students is not good, they should be brushed down directly when they join the army. When they are forced to recruit in the same year, they will not regret the training. Moreover, such a plot is still used to show the outside world. Is it true that the PLA on the mainland will look at the puppet army?

The puppet army is not only one thing, but almost the same news as this video: a 26-year-old female captain of the pseudo-Army hangs himself in the dormitory of the camp. According to the media, the female officer was recently reprimanded by the battalion commander and given a joint punishment because of the fact that the department’s arsenal account book was not filled, which led to the lack of suicide.

The puppet army training was acceptable in the 1990s, not a strawberry soldier

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It is said that the puppet soldiers trained in this way are less than one goose

Can F-16 get rid of 歼-20? Anyway, the puppet army said that it was their own.

These two incidents were put together. It seems that this puppet army is really less and less disappointing. The ambition of "counterattacking" the mainland during the two Chiang Kai-shek years has long since disappeared. However, when I was in the army, Lee Chong-hui (Lee Teng-hui) also retired most of the bullishness of the war. There is a general case of "Drinking Water and Drinking Water 300CC", "32-degree-old Strawberry Trainer Not Training", "Xiong-3 Missile Shooting Fishing Boat", and "F-16 Easy Calling Board" -20", "A soldier is destroying a 99-type tank" is such a daring arrogance. It seems that the puppet army has lived on the tropical island for decades, and even the IQ and perseverance have spent more than half. "Why fight" can no longer be said to be exported. The old-fashioned warlord's bandit style (taken by soldiers, recruits as slaves, and rude treatment of mainland fishermen) did not disappear. In addition, it infected a lot of Pingcheng waste house sentiment in the 11th district of the island country, so that the mentality of the puppet army is now more and more like the Pingcheng Self-Defense Force in the 11th district, which makes the series of tragicomedy comedy.

The People of the People's Liberation Army serving the people

Pseudo-armed firewood that goes wrong.

Although the puppet army also has some elderly people who still have feelings for the mainland, they still hope that the two sides will be unified, but these people There are not many worlds. As for those native "second-generation provinces", many people think that the thief is the father and the madness of the mainland as an enemy is much more powerful than many people in the province. In addition, the history of the leather warfare that was used to fool the people in the past (except for the false report that the bullfighting is still suspected of killing the bad guys) has been passed down from generation to generation, so many people in the puppet army still have confidence in the mainland PLA.

Today, I still take these cowhide as a historical education for the young puppet army. It really is "the rabbit is 100 million, the tiger is Taiwan."

I didn’t say anything, and finally sent a pair of couplets to the puppet army: