Duterte: I just smashed a coup!

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Duterte: I just smashed a coup!

2018-09-12 20:25:08 110 ℃

September 10th to 11th, someone found a large number of armored vehicles on the streets of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Some people on social media suspected that the rumors of a military coup in the Philippines were gone. The cancellation of the planned televised speech by Philippine President Duterte has triggered speculation about the situation in the Philippines. At 9 o'clock on the evening of September 11, Reuters first reported that Duterte successfully smashed an attempted military coup.

According to Reuters, Philippine President Duterte disclosed in a public conversation with his lawyer on Philippine national television that some opposition figures, anti-government rebels and a group of old people who had previously failed to launch a coup The military planned a plot to try to overthrow him. The day before, the Philippine Presidential Office spokesman Harry Roque Jr. said on the radio: "As far as I know, some groups are planning to launch a massive subversive on the 46th anniversary of the martial law in the Philippines on September 23. Action."

▲Philippines Army Armored Vehicle (data map)

Duterte said that the information on the coup was "a foreigner who sympathizes with us." He said that the anti-government organization, against his politicians and a group of veterans, including a senator he wanted to arrest after the withdrawal of the amnesty, "has been constantly communicating." Duterte also announced that it will soon prove that these people are connected.

▲Is considered to be a coup in the Senator Antonio Trilanes

One of the most famous critics of the revoked amnesty is Senator Antonio Trilanes. The 47-year-old former naval officer was once the most unsettled force in the Philippines, after he had launched two failed coups against the former Philippine government. In 2010, former Philippine President Aquino III had committed amnesty to Trilanes, and he succeeded as a member of the Philippine Congress and became a strong opponent of Duterte. Last week, Duterte revoked the amnesty to Trilanes and announced the arrest of Trilanes. Currently, the minority group of the Philippine Senate is planning to investigate and revoke the "fraud and error" issued by President Duterte. command. Trilanes has been hiding in the Senate building to avoid being arrested by the police.

▲The Philippine military spokesman called on the masses to remain calm

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Greece Alejano, who was previously featured in a military coup, was sent to Duterte on a radio show on September 10. Let me talk: "Don't force us, this will bring a lot of consequences." However, the Philippine military spokesman denied reports of a military coup in the Philippines. Colonel Edgard Arevalo, a spokesman for the Philippine Armed Forces, said in a statement: "There is no significant mobilization of military aircraft or armored vehicles. This is only the Philippines. A routine training of the military." He urged the public to remain calm because "there is no reason to panic."