The Syrian-Russian coalition forces were the biggest betrayal, and the Allies sold out the last battle plan. The 50,000 rebels disappeared instantly!

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The Syrian-Russian coalition forces were the biggest betrayal, and the Allies sold out the last battle plan. The 50,000 rebels disappeared instantly!

2018-09-12 20:25:09 156 ℃

On the third day of a full-scale air strike between the Russian and Syrian coalition forces against the rebels in Syria, the news came: the alleged attack on Idlib, known as the "last battle", was leaked, including air strikes, Important information on the target and scope was placed on the countertop of the rebel leader! At this critical moment, it is not the United States, Britain and France that are "slashing" behind the Syrian-Russian coalition forces. It is a participating country in Turkey that determined the battle of Idlib a few days ago.

According to Turkey’s “New Twilight” on September 10, the Turkish General Staff had previously notified the northern Syrian rebel groups to enter a state of high readiness before the air strikes of the Syrian-Russian coalition forces were launched.

The Turkish army armored combat vehicles and military vehicles drove into northern Syria.

The report said that the Turkish military issued orders to some 50,000 rebels in the Aflin, Azaz, Jalabrus and Bab areas of northern Syria, asking them to some time before a certain day. All must be prepared for the battle. In addition, more than 30,000 Turkish troops have entered these areas. In the border areas between Turkey and Syria, the number of Turkish armored and artillery units has doubled and 12 observation posts have been established for the Idlib area.

From the latest situation of Syria’s situation published by Al Jazeera, the Turkish military’s rebel forces, known as the “Free Syrian Army”, are connected to Idlib. The "Freedom Army" is mostly in contact with nearly 50 rebel groups in Idlib. Russia’s "News" reported on the 11th that the Turkish military had leaked key information to the rebel groups when the Syrian-Russian coalition forces had just launched a large-scale air strike against Idlib, which was "the biggest betrayal." Russian military fighters may be shot down because the rebels have mastered the route information. Russian pilots or special forces may also encounter ambushes and blood.

The Russian and Syrian Air Forces are launching a violent air strike against Idlib.

Turkey not only promptly gave the rebel groups "ventilation", but also publicly requested the Syrian-Russian coalition forces to immediately stop ground and air strikes in Idlib. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on the 11th to the "National Daily" and other media that the air strike against Idlib should be stopped immediately, and no ground attack should be launched on the area. The previous ceasefire system must be ensured and extended.

Russian "News" quoted the Russian military intelligence department as saying that the 50,000 "free army" in the Aflin and other regions had quickly "disappeared" after the Syrian-Russian coalition launched an air strike. Russian military intelligence showed that the "Free Army", which had been in a state of rest, had gathered troops and equipment in a short period of time, and then all evacuated from the original station, and the destination was unknown.

Syrian rebel groups.

Although this year, there have been "Freedom Army" troops to the Syrian government, and some "Freedom Army" also participated in the Syrian government's operations against other rebel groups or extremist organizations, but the organization's The main force is still aiming at opposing the current regime in Syria. However, since the "Freedom Army" and the Kurdish armed forces in Syria are "dead rivals", they have been strongly supported by Turkey.

The "Freedom Army" and the Aflin region, which the Turkish army is currently controlling, can attack the US-backed Kurdish armed control area to the east and the other rebel-controlled Idley to the south. Bu, strategic location is very important.

Summary of the latest situation in Syria. Source: Al Jazeera translation system: Observer Network

Turkey not only prevents the Kurdish armed forces in Syria from "combining with the Kurdish forces in the country" through the "Freedom Army", but also firmly holds a place in the Syrian territory. After the war, the distribution of interests increased the right to speak.

Russia and Syria are almost "acting with the enemy" against Turkey, and have yet to formally react. However, Russian news agency, satellite news agency, "News" and other Russian media quickly reported and analyzed this news. Russian media reported that in order to reach a consensus on Idlib’s "last battle" issue, the summit of leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey was held in Tehran on the 7th. The post-meeting statement showed that the three countries agreed to completely eliminate extremist organizations in Syria. This made the outside world once thought that Turkey, the most unwilling to break out of full battle in Idlib, remained neutral and would not prevent the Syrian-Russian coalition from launching the final general attack.

The summit of leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey was held on the 7th.

However, the Turkish military informed the "Freedom Army" of the key information of the Syrian-Russian coalition operational plan in advance, but it shows that the country is far from being neutral as the outside world thinks. Although the "Freedom Army" is not in Idlib, it is difficult for other rebel groups in Idlib to know the same information once they have received information on the offensive of the Syrian-Russian coalition, both in terms of past and geographical location. . The Russian media believes that the relationship between Russia and Turkey, which had been reversed due to the Syrian civil war and quickly entered, is facing an unprecedented severe test.