Fully restore the division system? Then, when is this system cancelled?

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Fully restore the division system? Then, when is this system cancelled?

2018-09-13 10:25:19 132 ℃

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Yesterday, a message evoked an infinite memory of many people who were soldiers. From October 1st, our army fully resumed playing the work number and issued daily routines. Starting from August 1 next year, the entire army will implement a new system of divisions. The loud military code will ring again in the military camp.

But the problem is coming. When many people who have been soldiers have been reminiscing about their military career in the past, they must not only ask, since this is a comprehensive restoration of the Secretary System, when was this system cancelled? Isn’t the military number in the camp? What is full recovery?

First we have to be historical. Our army's division system is accompanied by the birth of the people's army. In 1927, in the National Revolutionary Army who participated in the August 1 Nanchang Uprising, there were not only the division corps, the division chief, but also the unit of the division. Until the 1960s, there were also divisions in the regiment, and there were divisions in the camp. Nowadays, people habitually call the soldiers who are in the battalion and the department to call the correspondent. In fact, they are derived from the system of the divisions. They are the cadres of one of the eight members of the company.

In the present words, Secretary The number of soldiers is "compiled". The nature of the division is a simple means of communication. It belongs to a professional in the communications army. Like the wireless and cable communications soldiers, it is in order to ensure the smooth flow of the command. The Secretary is an important means of communication in combat, and the charge is the horn of the battle.

In the past few decades of fighting and construction, the People’s Army has also formed a set of system of division numbers. There are 109 kinds of numbers, which are divided into categories. There are four categories of service, combat and ritual. Don't talk about blowing these 109 kinds of military numbers, you can understand what these 109 military numbers mean, and work hard.

Afterwards, with the development of communication means, the role of the clerk has gradually weakened, especially in combat and military operations. After the implementation, the role of the division number was reduced to the camp work and etiquette. Many camps use the method of recording the military number.

The clerk is increasingly in the position of “mixing”.

In the mid-80s, Millions of disarmament is coming. The establishment of the "Secretary" has completely entered the history, and the People's Army no longer has a clerk, and no longer uses the horn to command operations and military operations. Without the number of the clerk, the commanding voice in the hearts of the soldiers was completely degraded into the wake-up number, the opening number, and the blackout of the repeated broadcasts on the military camp radio...

to Here, we cannot say that our army has cancelled the division system, but it should be appropriate to say that our military division system has existed in name only. There are not a few people who know the code. Although many soldiers miss the military number, they can't even distinguish between the wake-up number and the light-off sign. Even if they don't have a popularization, they will blow the military number. The military number of the year is also gradually drifting away.

The so-called comprehensive recovery system is to restore the construction of a new division system in this situation.

The official said that the main purpose of the restoration of the division system is to strengthen the sense of command, inherit the red genes, standardize the order of the army, and create an atmosphere of preparation for war. It can be seen that the restoration of the division system, more consideration is not the need for communication, but more emphasis on political needs, cultural needs and military management needs. At the same time, the original 109 genres are simplified into 21 categories of work, action and ritual, which are simple and clear.

More importantly , the clerk, is back. The official has made it clear that the team of the squad will be re-established, and in the future, the new division system will be implemented in a way that combines the playing of the squad and the electronic horn. In the future, the PLA corps will appear in overseas peacekeeping, disaster relief, martyr burial, military weddings and other occasions. It will be a very good promotion for the morale and honor of the military.

However, can the future divisions be placed in the sequence of the communications soldiers?