Our Army Artillery Brigade is reloading the Eye of the New Sky with a special skill that allows the cannon to have long eyes.

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Our Army Artillery Brigade is reloading the Eye of the New Sky with a special skill that allows the cannon to have long eyes.

2018-09-13 10:25:22 122 ℃

Recently, the military media reported on the new unmanned reconnaissance aircraft refitted by the brigade for the first time in the report of an artillery brigade of the 80 Group Army. Through the report, we have details on the use of this new type of equipment. Have more understanding. In fact, our artillery units used the drones to conduct reconnaissance and school shooting earlier. In the late 1990s, they began to explore the use of the ASN-206 drone assisted artillery. Later, they were equipped in batches at ASN-206. Multi-type medium-sized drones such as JWP-01/A and JWP-02 developed on the basis of this. This new machine is actually a descendant of ASN-206. From the details, it should be improved on the basis of JWP-02, but it is more advanced in reconnaissance performance and function.


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Looking like BZK008, but in fact it is quite different

From the appearance point of view, the front of the new drone is similar to another drone BZK008 of our army, but As long as you look at the landing gear and wing of the aircraft, you will find that it is actually improved by JWP-02. As can be seen from the comparison chart below, the main wing length, shape and movable flap position of the new machine are basically the same as JWP-02, but it is very different from BZK008, especially the design of the landing gear and wing. . In the tail section, the design of the new machine is also consistent with JWP02. Compared with the former two, the BZK008 has one more connection between the vertical tail and the support rod. The above comparison shows that the new UAV should directly inherit the ready-made design of the JWP-02 in the aerodynamic design, but only on the fuselage.

The new machine is the same as the JWP02, the wing and the landing gear are exactly the same

New drone The fuselage is obviously shorter and thicker than the JWP02. This should be due to the development of electronic technology. The new reconnaissance and flight control system can be designed to be more compact, so the size of the fuselage can be reduced, while the head image Mushroom-like data link antennas have also significantly reduced size and height, and the shape has changed from round to drop-shaped, which should be beneficial for improving the flight performance of drones. In addition to the improvement of the aircraft itself, the launch vehicle of the new drone has also undergone major improvements. The first is that the launch vehicle was replaced by the original Dongfeng truck and the FAW Jiefang MV3 third-generation general tactical truck that has been in small batch service for nearly two years. This not only enhances the off-road maneuverability of the entire system, but also gains certain protection (armor in the cockpit).

Attention to another drone in the storage box

In addition, the new launch vehicle It has also been expanded in terms of functionality. It is now not only a launch vehicle, but also a part-time carrier. The rear part of the vehicle is no longer a flat plate with only a launcher, but a storage box for the drone. The new drone can be completely placed in the storage box after being disassembled (this is also the new drone machine). The benefits of reduced size). As can be seen from the above figure, the fuselage is placed in the middle of the storage box, and the wings and other parts are placed on the four walls of the storage box, so that one launcher can carry two drones, and the car There is also a small crane specially equipped, so the self-protection ability of the launch vehicle is stronger, and the protection scale of the entire drone system can also be reduced.

In the take-off and landing modes, the new machine is the same as JWP02 and BZK008, all using a booster rocket to take off. Then the parachute landed. The reconnaissance mission is to use the photoelectric pod that can be telescoped in the middle of the fuselage. This pod is only put down in the mission stage. It is usually hidden in the fuselage. In addition to the high-resolution white light channel, the pod also has infrared night vision. Channel and laser ranging channel. In addition, from the console of the new machine below, we can also know that in addition to the laser ranging capability, the machine also has a laser irradiation function. It can be seen that there is a laser irradiation button on the console, which should be used to give domestic red. Laser-guided projectiles such as land provide illumination services that allow them to be more accurate, which is equivalent to having them grow into the eyes.

Note that the red illuminated button

At present, in all units of our army, no The man-machine is already in full bloom. Not only the group artillery brigade has drones, but now even the artillery battalions in the synthetic brigade and the firepower companies in the synthetic battalion can get the reconnaissance guidelines of the different levels of drones. The far fire camp of the gun brigade is also a separate drone. Compared with the traditional scouts and guns, the advantages of drones are obvious. First of all, its response speed is fast, it needs to go directly to the reconnaissance. The guns have to choose the position. The scouts have to carry a pile of instruments to infiltrate, especially the reconnaissance and guidance of the enemy's deep targets. Secondly, its reconnaissance effect is good. Ground reconnaissance is limited by the visual field and various occlusions. It is difficult to observe the whole picture of the target area, and the air is full of sight. In the end, even if it is discovered, it will not hurt when it is hit. It is more cost-effective to lose a team of scouts than to drop a drone.