Chinese warships visit the United States for the first time: when arriving in Hawaii, the number has been knocked out by the waves.

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Chinese warships visit the United States for the first time: when arriving in Hawaii, the number has been knocked out by the waves.

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In 1986, after the first successful visit of the US Navy ship to China, the Chinese Navy had a big trouble: according to diplomatic practice, China should organize a reciprocal return visit to show respect, but The Chinese navy is extremely lacking in large-scale ocean-going vessels: the only large-scale warships in the naval combat sequence, the 3,000-class destroyer of the 3,000-ton class, simply could not reach Hawaii alone, and the simple equipment and appearance were completely out of hand.

The picture shows the US Navy "Aldendorf" destroyer in 1986. The ship and the Zheng He ship also had an intersection.

However, while the US Navy ships visited China, the Chinese Navy’s first ocean-going training ship, the 679-type nautical training ship, was also launched. At the time, the standard displacement of 4,500 tons and the 679-type training ship with a full displacement of more than 6,000 tons were not only "arranged" for the important task of the Chinese Navy's peer visit to the United States, but also carried the Chinese Ocean's unfinished ocean dream for nearly a hundred years: this from China The Navy later gave her the name of the ship "Zheng He", and the unique and far-reaching two-digit number "81" (synonymous with the Jianjun Festival, the two-digit number is also reserved for large ships such as aircraft carriers) You can see the clues.

The picture shows the Zhenghe training ship that later visited Sydney.

Therefore, just one year after serving, Zheng Hejian set foot on the journey to Hawaii. For the Chinese navy, this is a record voyage that has never been seen before. It has a variety of "first time" in one: the first visit to the United States and the docking of the military port, the first single-ship ocean voyage, the naval ship crossed the 180-degree line for the first time into the Western Hemisphere... all kinds of things can be considered very meaningful in both diplomatic and military terms.

But unfortunately, Tiangong is not beautiful. From the Zhenghe training ship to the Dagu Strait, starting from the East China Sea into the Pacific Ocean, a newly generated typhoon embryo was blocked on the navigation route of the Zhenghe training ship, although the Zhenghe training ship finally decided to adjust the route avoidance, the storm periphery Still inevitably has a great impact on the navigation of the ship.

The picture shows a 052D-type destroyer that was thrown up in the Pacific Ocean and exposed the bow, dubbed the "missile boat".

Before the Zhenghe training ship sailed out of the second island chain, the ship and the Poyang Lake Integrated Supply Ship (then known as the X615 ship) were replenished in the Pacific Ocean. During the period, due to excessive winds and waves, the oil pipeline used for lateral replenishment ruptured, and the Zhenghe training ship and the Poyang Lake integrated supply ship had to be re-supplied for longitudinal replenishment, resulting in the entire replenishment process being close to 12 hours, which made the entire ship officers and soldiers exhausted.

This is not over yet. The huge waves can not only break the oil pipeline, but also smash the anchor lights and cable rods on the deck. The officers and men often risk their lives in order to repair the equipment. However, it is undeniable that these repairs and losses are The Chinese Navy's follow-up ship construction and seafarer training provided crucial experience.

The picture shows the Zhenghe training ship that is about to berth in Hawaii. It can be seen that its number has been knocked out by the waves.

As for the popular "Zhenghe No. Hong Kong, no American tugboat" story, it is only a concrete manifestation of the differences between the Chinese and American naval concepts. For the warfighters, this is compared with Zheng He. The suffering of the training ship along the way is nothing.

The picture shows the destroyer "Aldendorf" sailing in the wind and waves.

However, the real thrilling thing happened in the return journey without a storm: while the Zheng He was on the way home, the USS Navy’s "Amdendorf" destroyer also traveled from Hawaii to Japan. And quickly catch up with the former with a faster speed.

At the time of the encounter, the US Navy had a friendly posture, that is, sailing at a constant speed and allowing the crew to line up on the deck. However, during the return of the Zhenghe training ship, the steering wheel of the steering officer was slightly biased toward the US ship with the line of sight, which made the distance between Zheng He and the US ship closer and closer, even less than 10 meters recently.

Seeing this situation, the Oldendorf accelerated its departure from the original route, which avoided an embarrassing, "friendly" collision. It seems that this is a bit embarrassing, but there is no doubt that without these brave lessons, the Chinese Navy will never be able to embrace the deep blue and the ocean. (Blade / TO)

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