The Air Force released important news: The Pearl Show has a big surprise, a new fighter will be statically displayed

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The Air Force released important news: The Pearl Show has a big surprise, a new fighter will be statically displayed

2018-09-15 10:25:18 154 ℃

Text/Owl Eggplant

To say that China’s military enthusiasts are most looking forward to the “Haitian Shengyu”, the China International Aerospace Exhibition, which is held every two years, is also a military fan. The Zhuhai Air Show, which we often say, is definitely in the hearts of military fans. Recalling the 2016 Zhuhai Air Show, the pride of China's aviation industry, the absolute main force of the Chinese Air Force's future, the sudden appearance of the J-20 fighter, will detonate the emotional moments of many military enthusiasts! Then, in the day when the J-20 has entered the military service, the Zhuhai Air Show in 2018 will be opened on November 6th. What kind of “magic” content can we see?

(Note: Air show team performing at the 2016 Zhuhai Air Show)

In these dazzling exhibition projects, the most anticipated is: at the Zhuhai Air Show, the Chinese Air Force will come up with "sincerity" content. ?

(Note: China's most advanced transport aircraft independently developed - Yun-20 also appeared in Zhuhai Airlines in 2016 Exhibition)

At the last Zhuhai Air Show, the appearance of the 歼-20 was arguably the most powerful bomb. It is reported that at the Zhuhai Air Show, the PLA Air Force's August 1st Air Show Team has confirmed that it will appear, and the Saudi Arabian Eagle Air Show team will also perform an air show. At the same time, at this air show, China will exhibit a large number of new weapons and equipment, at least 60% of which are for the first time in front of the general public!

The Chinese Air Force spokesperson Shen Jinke University directly said that the Air Force Bayi Air Show Team and the Air Force Aviation University Red Eagle Air Show Team will conduct an air show, the Chinese Air Force new fighter aircraft and a group of air forces. The active main battle equipment will be displayed in flight and static display to show the air force in all directions! You should know that the "new fighters of the Chinese Air Force" nowadays can no longer refer to the Soviet fighters of the year, but it is probably the second heavy-duty air-five fifth-generation aircraft in the world - 歼-20!

(Note: 歼-20 fighters performing an air show at the Zhuhai Air Show 2016)

At the last Zhuhai Air Show, two J-20 fighters did not land on the runway after the high-speed pass, but quickly flew off the scene, leaving only a group of stunned audience. From the attitude of the Air Force, at the Zhuhai Air Show, the audience is likely to be able to see the J-20 fighter (or proportional model) parked on the ground at a close distance, instead of only seeing it in the air. Flashing away.

And Shen Fei’s fourth-generation aircraft project, the “upgrade version” of FC-31, is also likely to be unveiled at Zhuhai Air Show, but it is not certain whether a flight demonstration will be conducted. As a foreign trade fifth-generation machine, FC-31 retrofit in order to attract more domestic and foreign customers, debut at the Zhuhai Air Show is undoubtedly a very good opportunity!

Of course, the Chinese Air Force will show us a "magnificent" picture that can only be revealed on the day of the opening of the Zhuhai Airlines.