What does it feel like a 22-year-old female helmsman driving a nearly 30,000-ton wheel?

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What does it feel like a 22-year-old female helmsman driving a nearly 30,000-ton wheel?

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Original title: What does it feel like a 22-year-old female helmsman driving a nearly 30,000-ton wheel?

Gu Min is driving on duty.

Gu Min: I am a prospective female helmsman

My name is Gu Min, I am 22 years old and I am a long-distance ship No. 7 The first female helmsman. On August 25th, China successfully launched the thirty-fifth and thirty-six Beidou navigation satellites at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the form of “one arrow and two stars”. The long-distance No. 7 ship I drove was the only monitoring and control station on the sea. Successfully complete the sea monitoring and control tasks to ensure that the satellites smoothly enter the scheduled orbit. I have participated in the completion of more than 10 major maritime monitoring and control tasks such as Tiantong No.1, Shenzhou No.11, Changzheng No.5 and Tianzhou No.1.

As the 7th female helmsman, I am very proud and proud. I can't even drive the car, I didn't think I could drive nearly 30,000 tons of Yuanwang. Engage in sea monitoring and control, have special requirements for ship heading and stability. When the course changes, the error cannot be greater than 0.5 degrees. If there is any deviation, it will directly affect the accuracy of measurement and control, or even miss the timing of measurement and control, resulting in no capture. To the data. Therefore, there is a very high demand for the rudder post.

Learn the chart drawing from the old crew.

When performing practical exercises, I often hear the wrong password, which leads to delays in steering timing, and sometimes there are low-level errors due to tension and counter-rudder. I remember that the first time I was on the job, I was particularly nervous. Before I steered, my palms began to sweat, for fear of making mistakes. Because of all kinds of mistakes, my colleagues said that I am not suitable for the rudder post. I made up my mind to be determined: I must work harder and I will be able to work normally. In order to get the job knowledge as soon as possible in a short time, and to ensure that I participate in the task normally when going out to sea, I am more realistic with myself. When I have time, I will “tangle” the driver and other crew members to ask questions. After turning off the lights at night, I often go to the study room. Work overtime to learn business, to practice listening to the cabins with mixed sounds... Finally, it successfully passed the post assessment before the departure.

Working in the cab every day, you can see the wonderful scenery of the blue sea and the blue sky. When you are lucky, you can see the dolphins churning. It seems to welcome us. . But the sea is not only poetic, sea and romantic, but more memorable is the thrilling moment of huge waves and raging winds.

For us navigators, the most feared encounter is the storm. This is my first time to participate in the Long March series of tasks, and it is my first time to feel the typhoon at a close distance. Now, in retrospect, I have a lingering fear. On November 3, 2016, when the long-range mission of Yuanwang No. 7 was carried out on the 5th, the launch time of the rocket was repeatedly postponed, and in the final window of the launch, the typhoon No. 23 “Mi Lei” was measured on the Yuanwang 7 ship. It is generated near the sea area and gradually moves to the mission area, and the wind and waves gradually increase.

In the blink of an eye, several large waves leaped directly over the bow to the cab. The entire boat was slammed and the cab swayed, seeming to smash the cab glass. The hull is tilted to 21 degrees, and I am thin and small. I can only stay close to the bridge to stay in the post. At that time, it was said that the two tempered glass windows in the bottom compartment were shattered by the waves. If you do not drive away from the typhoon envelope in time, the safety of the ship will be in danger. After the emergency meteorological meeting, the ship leader finally decided to grasp the final window of the rocket launch and quickly evacuate after completing the mission.

I have always stood firm in my post, forcing my already exhausted body and earnestly performing every A driving instruction. In the end, after the rocket launch plan was postponed several times, after risking the task of being involved in the typhoon, the typhoon development trajectory was quickly removed, avoiding encounter with the typhoon, and after 18 hours of full speed, finally Safe evacuation.

You can only look up at the stars if you conquer the sea. After the mission was successful, when you saw the first rays of sunlight coming in through the cab glass, people felt warm and had a feeling of “after the robbery”. I can't help but shake the steering wheel, because I know that I am not only operating a ship, but also the home of hundreds of crew members. It is also a safe haven for everyone. I can better understand how important my position is. How arduous the duties are.

Gu Min was the host in the literary evening. The second right is Gu Min.

Speaking is also good.

Now, I am not only able to stand alone in my position, but I also actively participate in various activities on board. In my spare time, I give full play to my own strengths and serve as a broadcaster and host on the ship. When I have a major party, I will often perform concerts, dances, etc. to add some fun to the sea life of the crew.