Japan shocking: VTOL aircraft Chinese has successfully?

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Japan shocking: VTOL aircraft Chinese has successfully?

2016-07-31 13:40:33 3604 ℃

At present, China's military capacity is the world's attention, of course, with its own efforts into the forefront of world power, but the era of progress, technology also requires constant innovation.

Recently, Japan reported a message said: China vertical take off and landing fighter in certain test field test was successful. This is a great study, may guide future war situation, direction of turbulence, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, as the name implies, is the track does not need to directly taking off and landing fighter is the use of VTOL technology taking off and landing of the aircraft. Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft do not need fireworks can take off and landing, runway conditions require very low for can follow troops were deployed and attacks on the troops of the frontier and assault ship. A typical representative of fighter is British "harrier" and the United States F35 fighter, of course Britain this aircraft technology at the time is not mature, so it needs run-up to short distance.

This technology has advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is that you can always operational, can be in place a small landing can be in building or any other ground easily camouflage. On the battlefield survival rate is the highest. Followed by the aircraft carrier can be equipped with a large number of landing and landing aircraft, for sea warfare is a great advantage. The last point is eliminating the preparation time on the runway, operational response time greatly improved.

Advantage some deficiencies: first is the fuel consumption is too large, vertical take-off because do not need a runway, take-off requires a third of the amount of oil consumed, so on the voyage is greatly reduced. Second is the bomb load small. Take for instance the British harriers, the warplanes of the bomb load only 2271 kg is one-third of the conventional aircraft, but also unable to truly vertical take-off and landing, it is better to develop conventional aircraft. The last point is that the operation is too difficult, the requirements of the pilot is very high, bad training, the accident rate is very high, very much time and money.

Above is the introduction of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, after looking in development of VTOL aircraft will produce some doubt whether really worth spend time and money to develop such a risk of great fighters, but overall, if development will be successful is of epoch-making significance, of course, need put great energy. As the saying goes: rainbow is always after the rain will appear, China refuels!