Israel has a slap in the face, Syrian military officers have been arrested, but Russia has chosen to forgive Israel?

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Israel has a slap in the face, Syrian military officers have been arrested, but Russia has chosen to forgive Israel?

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According to recent Russian news agency reported, 9 On the 18th, the official account of the Israel Defense Forces IDF social network issued Israel’s regret and grief over the death of 15 Russian Air Force Army Il-20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft units. The Sorrow used by the Israel Defense Forces deplores the English word and the due to the sharp description of the Syrian air defense fire. The Russian Defense Ministry clearly pointed out that the Israeli F-16 fighter jet deliberately created a dangerous situation. When the Russian military aircraft was used as a shield to block the guns for themselves, the IDF still insisted that the Syrian government air defense units used the S-200 to lay down the Russian military aircraft. of.

(The Israel Defense Forces said the Syrian government forces should take full responsibility)

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(Israel bombing Syrian Latakia at night, Israeli army informed Russia The army itself acted to lure the Il-20 take-off gun to be shot down, and then refused to admit it and announced that the Damascus Air Force Base photo threat was hit again.

The well-known American media CNN reported that the US military An anonymous military officer said that the Syrian government army accidentally shot down the Il-20 of the Russian Air Force base in Hemmingam, Syria, on the 17th. US military officers stressed that the Syrian government forces shot down Russian aircraft in order to counter the Israeli air missile attacks.

(Breaking a knife Tactically superb, but Israel is willing to take the lead in the long-term risk)

The Israel Defense Forces issued a statement that the Syrian Assad government should bear full responsibility for shooting down the Russian aircraft (original is fully responsible) For this incident, the Israeli army also accused the Iranian and Lebanese armed forces of being responsible for the unfortunate accident (the Israeli military used accountable to accuse Iran and Lebanon). The Israeli military believes that the Syrian government’s SAA facility produces large-scale weapons and supplies them to southern Lebanon. These weapons are basically used to attack Israel. Israel will never allow these weapons to threaten their own security.

(The Il-2 is said to have closed the side-view radar when the French warship fired a missile with an infrared signal. Reconnaissance equipment, the machine gave up the means of soft interference. The Syrian government did not communicate with the Russian military aircraft to make the tragedy of the enemy and the enemy.)

The Israeli military said it would take control of itself. All information concerning the attack on Syria and the Il-20 aircraft was handed over to Russia. Israel said that since the Russian army entered Syria in September 2015, the Russian-Russian side has established a communication mechanism to eliminate accidental conflicts. In the future, the two sides will continue to use this mechanism to maintain contact.

(Putin has not pursued Israel for the time being, perhaps in order to recover Idlib and eat it beforehand.)

September 20, Syrian President Assad said in an interview with the Russian satellite news agency Damascus Branch that he was saddened by the Russian military aircraft crew. He said that the arrogance of Israel caused the plane to crash, and the Israeli air strikes launched the air strikes to induce Syria to launch missiles to fight back and cause the Russian plane to crash. The Israeli military and the Syrian president issued a statement on the incident. Of course, the Syrian president’s accusation against Israel does not recognize it. The commander of the Syrian government air defense unit, which was ordered to launch the S-200 missile, has been arrested by the military. The author believes that the Syrian government forces have admitted to Russia that they have misjudged and blindly operated.

(Russia Details of the Sochi Agreement in Turkey)

According to the latest news, the Israeli Prime Minister and the Russian President have telephoned and announced that they will send a delegation headed by the Air Force Command to Russia to help them investigate the Il-20. Was shot down. After the Israeli delegation set out on the 20th, Netanyahu claimed that Putin had forgiven Israel. Putin accused Israel of violating Syrian sovereignty and said that a series of accidental factors caused the incident not to look like Israel’s responsibility.

(Russian army, no matter what the cost, the process of solving the Idlib problem will not Blocked)

(Optimistic Israel is quite arrogant and will pay for the Yom Kippur Action in the future The price of the )

The Israeli Prime Minister stated that Israel did not deliberately do so, which is significantly different from the fact that Turkey had shot down the Russian Air Force Su-24M. Former Israeli ambassador to Russia Zvi-Magan said that despite the shooting down of Il-20, it is in the interests of both Russia and Israel to maintain coordination on the Syrian issue. Zvi-Magen believes that Russia will not limit Israel because of this tragedy. Freedom of movement in Syria, because Russia and Israel like to overcome the crisis. A spokesman for the US Mission to the United Nations, Jeffrey, said that he mourned for the Russian crew and claimed that this unfortunate incident reminded the international community to find a suitable solution to resolve the Syrian conflict. Thus, US officials are threatening Russia. In the case of the agreement on the issue of Idlib in Russia, the Turkish military expert Babu by Loglu said that the Russian Sochi agreement cut off the road of the US invasion of Idlib, and the author believes that the Syrian government will certainly recover the northwest. Province of Idlib! Follow the WeChat public number: the history of war, many experts will continue to interpret for you in the public number. Independent professional, there is a kind of material, please use WeChat to search the public number: war history, watch all political history of war history series.