The shackles of many tanks that killed our army against the Vietnam War were destroyed by the weapon of the nickname "big slingshot".

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The shackles of many tanks that killed our army against the Vietnam War were destroyed by the weapon of the nickname "big slingshot".

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filed on The more self-defense counterattacks, the people who have experienced that period of time or interested in it, the mind will appear subconsciously 10,000 (fire) arrows like rain, tanks like Hong's magnificent picture.

It is true that in the counterattack, our army dispatched 6 tank regiments, more than a thousand tanks and other armored combat vehicles, which played a miraculous role in siege and destruction. It is an important factor in the final victory of our army.

However, our army tanks also exposed many deficiencies in the battle, such as poor cooperation between the tanks and the use of tank tactics. Ideal, the tank itself is weak and so on.

Especially the poor protection of the tank is the most arduous thing. Any anti-tank weapon of the enemy, such as the Soviet RPG2 and RPG7 40mm anti-tank rocket launcher, can easily penetrate me. Armored tanks, even more intolerable is that some weapons that were not professional anti-tank weapons, such as the large number of American M79 grenade launchers seized by Vietnam from the Vietnam War, can also destroy many tanks of our army!

According to statistics, our army invested 500 main battle tanks in the counterattack, but there are 600 Many times the destruction rate of the damage, that is, almost every tank has been hit more than once in the battle! Only some have been repaired and put into battle. This is just an average number, and the real casualties are indeed more shocking.

What is the "extraordinary nemesis" M79 that our military tanks did not think of? This is also to say from the US military's preference for grenade launchers. The small grenade launcher is a magical individual preparation. It can make a small soldier have the same explosive power as the "artillery". Therefore, various kinds of individual grenade are developed. The launcher has always been an area where American military workers have worked hard. Until today, the "future rifle" developed by the United States is still a mixture of rifle + grenade launchers.

It may be that the United States has a special memory of the small grenade of the Japanese army in World War II. The United States also deliberately Developed a small portable personal grenade launcher like a grenade, so this kind of "handgun" like an old-fashioned pistol was born. This kind of weapon adopts the principle of high and low pressure launching, direct and projectile, and can be silent. It is light, smoke-free, quasi-and sturdy, and small and exquisite. It is loved by soldiers and has the nickname "boy big slingshot".

In the Vietnam War, North Vietnam seized countless such weapons and was immediately favored by the Vietnamese army.

This kind of weapon was sent to China by North Vietnam as early as the Vietnam War. It caused the military department to attach great importance to it and actively carried out imitation. However, the launcher is easy to make, and the special grenade is because of the internal structure. Too complicated and sensitive, our army could not be manufactured and stranded for a while. Later, with the modernization process of our army and the development of high-end grenade launching weapons, there is no need to pick up the teeth. Reference article: US M79 grenade launcher

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