The real soldier! From the accident class to the repair 11

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The real soldier! From the accident class to the repair 11

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He has worked as a squad leader and chief of staff,

has also repaired the fighter,

he is Zhou Zhengbing, a first-class sergeant.

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This year is the 27th year of Zhou Zhengbing's enlistment. He didn't listen enough to the roar of the warplanes. If he didn't see enough, the war eagle rushed into the sky because he had the most between the blue sky and white clouds. Unforgettable youth years.

In 1973, Zhou Zhengbing was born in a remote mountain village in Weiyuan County, Sichuan Province. In 1991, Zhou Zhengbing entered the military camp. This is 27 years. During this period, he worked as a squad leader and chief of the squad, and also repaired the fighter. No matter what position he is in, he has never been to his own name. He has to be an upright soldier.

There is a tradition in Zhou Zhengbing’s unit, where veterans retired each year will plant a poplar tree at the station. They used to call it Diamond Tian Yang. Drilling Aspen does not grow like other trees, but grows deeper into the bottom. Drilling Tianyang, a deep-rooted, arrogant spirit, infects every soldier here.

And Zhou Zhengbing’s drilled Tianyang was planted 6 years ago, when he made it. The intention to retire. At this time, the troops began to replace the three-generation fighters. Zhou Zhengbing chose to retire to reunite with his family. If he chooses to stay in the army, he must learn the maintenance work of the third-generation aircraft from scratch. In the end, Zhou Zhengbing chose to start from scratch.

In order to remember the circuit diagram of the third-generation machine, Zhou Zhengbing used 27 drawing pencils in half a year. Draw nearly 10,000 large and small drawings. Once in order to understand the working principle of a device, Zhou Zhengbing drilled into the equipment compartment. Due to the hot weather, he fainted in the cabin. Fortunately, when the apprentice was present, he was pulled out.

Can make Zhou Zhengbing not The thought is that he has worked so hard, but still failed both theoretical and technical in the first mock exam. Zhou Zhengbing knew that his academic qualifications were relatively poor, and he was so painful that he began to lay down his master's identity and humbly consulted his apprentice. This transformation of identity has made many soldiers admire.

Finally, at the end of the year In the middle, Zhou Zhengbing passed the third-generation machine vocational skills test with the first place in the technical appraisal and the third place in the written test. Soon, he joined the unit as an electronic technician to participate in the Air Force's "Golden Helmet" contest.

From recruit to level 1 The chief of the sergeant, he integrated his responsibilities on his shoulders and his loyalty to the motherland into his ordinary post and day-to-day maintenance work. And his son Zhou Xinghai was also admitted to the Sichuan Police College after the college entrance examination. The son said that his father had a great influence on him and he wanted to be a father.

Indeed, Zhou Zhengbing has The reason is to be the pride of the son. In the past 27 years, Zhou Zhengbing has participated in hundreds of major missions such as plateau training and gold helmet competition. He has won three third-class merits, four times received air force awards, and brought out a group of outstanding aircraft workers.

Although he received a lot of honors, he felt that he was still a regular soldier. In the future, he wants to continue to be a "drilling Tianyang" rooted in the Gobi, guarding more "warhawks" to soar in the blue sky.

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