The two major allies fell to the big countries, and the US troops did not dare to fight alone! Beauty: This time I lost completely.

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The two major allies fell to the big countries, and the US troops did not dare to fight alone! Beauty: This time I lost completely.

2018-09-27 20:25:07 164 ℃

The United States and the United States have to admit an iron fact that Russia has already gained the upper hand in Syria. The United States really lost this time. The US "National Interests" website recently published a heavy article to comprehensively review the two "unrecoverable" mistakes of the US policy toward Syria. The opposite of the public's current understanding of information is the opposite. The US government executives attributed this failure first to the "abandonment" of the two major allies. According to the article, under the needles of Russia, the Israeli and Syrian Assad regimes "returned well", the Kurdish armed forces gave up their efforts to fight for independence, and they wanted to get all the benefits through negotiations with the Syrian government. More crucially, the two allies are getting closer and closer to Russia on the same issue, and they are “gradually farther away” from the United States.

Russian military is inspected in Syria.

The most important ally of the United States on the Syrian issue is considered to be neither "hardcore" Britain nor "rebellious" Turkey, but Israel's "external integration" with Kurdish armed forces. However, the National Interests website article believes that although Israel continues to launch air strikes against targets in Syria, the Netanyahu government is increasingly emphasizing the attack against "Iranian military targets in Syria." In order to deal with the "big enemy" Iran, Israel is constantly approaching the Russian and Syrian governments. Correspondingly, the Israelis are getting farther and farther away from the United States on the Syrian issue.

The article stated that despite the "reckless" behavior of the Israeli F-16 fighters, the Russian army's Il-20 reconnaissance plane crashed, and Russia thus took a series of retaliations including the Syrian S-300 missile. Measures, but the Israeli cabinet still insisted on the following decision: Any military action against the Syrian targets in the future must be notified to the Russians through the hotline.

The Israeli F-35 will "lost" stealth combat power due to the hotline notification mechanism.

The United States’ most reliant ally in Syria, the Kurdish armed forces, indeed exceeds other anti-government forces. The Kurds are extremely united and their organizational capabilities are “extraordinary”, so they are much better than many “grass-team”-style rebel groups. However, the Kurdish desire in Syria is far less strong than the "compatriots" in Turkey. The "National Interests" website article believes that the Syrian Kurds always pursue "autonomy", which makes it have a great interest in the current Syrian government.

More importantly, whether it is Israel or the Kurdish armed forces, they and the Syrian government have the good offices of Russia, the nuclear power that has returned to the Middle East. Israel has too many places on Russia to deal with the fundamental problems of Iran and other Arab "enemies". After all, Russia has been an ally of many Middle Eastern countries since the Soviet era. The United States is the opposite. It has always been the "number one enemy" in the eyes of too many Middle Eastern forces.

This picture has caused many Middle Eastern countries to remain highly vigilant against the United States.

The article "National Interests" said that after losing the full support of the two internal and external allies, the US military, to be precise, the Congress "masters" responsible for approving the US military operations have been satisfied. None of them wants to bear the "historical guilt" of the US military once it has fallen into the "war of war" in Syria, as in Afghanistan and Iraq. Moreover, the current US government is also taking the "American priority" and trying to throw away all unnecessary "international responsibility" slogans.

In a nutshell, the United States is unwilling or afraid to use force against Syria alone without a reliable ally. The article believes that in addition to Trump's tweets, the United States actually has no way to Syria. Therefore, it is time to recognize that the Russian and Assad regimes have completely won in Syria and that the United States has already been out. And just as Russia has provided S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran and Syria, and in these countries established the de facto Russian no-fly zone, "the Russians have completely acquired their own territory there."

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S-300 anti-aircraft missile.

The article "National Interests" website concludes that, in any case, there is nothing in Syria that is worthy of confrontation between the US military and the Russian army. The United States has in the past avoided avoiding war with Russia in Europe and elsewhere. If the United States insists on staying in Syria this time, it may not be as lucky as it used to be.