The United States alone with a little trick on Russia's strongest aircraft carrier demolition debris: but the achievements of China's new aircraft carrier dream

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The United States alone with a little trick on Russia's strongest aircraft carrier demolition debris: but the achievements of China's new aircraft carrier dream

2016-07-21 21:41:51 543 ℃

In the early 1990s, Ukraine has just after the founding of the people's Republic of China is in economic difficulties, almost all of the in built protection ships stopped, let shipyard in grave peril factory has a large number of unfinished ships, including a few aircraft carrier that unfinished, especially Wuliyangnuofusi_ke grams, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, which is a full load of more than 8 million tons of large aircraft carriers.

At that time the United States is the only superpower, no country could threaten the U.S. dominance, but the United States is not assured, still have to guard against other countries to develop the power of the aircraft carrier. Even if the Americans understand, aboard the name belongs to Russia, real return to Ukraine's large aircraft has not been possible to build, still decided to and then quickly removed, so only a small trick to the Russian aircraft strongest carrier split into pieces.

American strategy is very simple, let a Norway shipbuilding company sent representatives to Ukraine, to the Ukraine shipbuilding shipyard under the construction of 6 large merchant shipping orders. The merchant is so great that only in Nikolayev shipyard construction Ulyanovsk nuclear power on the berth to be built. The order is so urgently required immediately to start building, and paid a small deposit data. If you want to empty berth to build merchant ships, then build the ship body of 30% of Ulyanovsk, must be removed, there is no second choice. At the same time, an American Iron and steel scrap recycling companies are looking at the door, said to the acquisition of scrap steel and offer a ton of $450, the price for the then international scrap steel's takeover price three times.

This makes Ukraine have no choice, after all, survival is the most important. So Ulyanovsk was dismantled and ready to be sold as scrap steel. The disassembly work almost to the end, the two companies together backpedaled, Norwegian companies to pay money for breach of contract, cancel the merchant ship orders, iron and steel, waste recycling company in the United States and find an excuse, the purchase price pressure to normal 150 dollars a ton. In this way, the Americans have just played a small plot, with a very low cost to eliminate the greatest potential threat. The removed is not a warship, but a few hundred years of the Russian national dream of the navy.

Originally the United States would also like to start of the Varyag, unfortunately, the ship hull has been completed, the Ukrainian side could not agree to the sale price of scrap iron and steel, the United States and do not want to raise their prices, original want to wait a few years, the Ukrainian side must yield. Did not expect the United States to play means removed Ulyanovsk, let Wu was very sad, so the Ukrainian side rather than the high price of scrap iron and steel is Varyag was sold to China, is not willing to cheap u.. Let us only try to stop the Varyag towed to Chinese, just drag the time.

Uzbekistan not only sell Varyag hull, also its design data are also sent to China, subsequently in collaboration with Chinese partners, will be required for the construction of aircraft carrier of technology transfer to China. China's cooperation with the Ukrainian side so very satisfied, this let many Ukrainian technicians have the opportunity to work, although can not earn much money, but far than the American Pit too strong, and therefore the attitude of Uzbekistan is simple: to what to what. The Varyag, following the construction work, a Liaoning ship in the process of Ukraine technical personnel and information play a role. It is said that China has also won the Ulyanovsk number of the design, which for us to build their own nuclear powered aircraft carrier is definitely a good reference.

Aircraft carrier for modern naval high-end equipment, especially the large aircraft carrier as a symbol of naval power, without an aircraft carrier is not qualified to said to have first-class naval, and therefore many countries regardless of the cost of seeking development of a carrier force. However, the development of the carrier is no easy task, it is not for sale, the international market only more than ten thousand tons of light aircraft carrier can be sold, more than 4 million tons of large aircraft carriers spend much money didn't sell, it has not the money.

China has never built the aircraft carrier, if only the power of the construction of their own, only by normal development, from the light aircraft carrier, and then gradually enlarge, the time required to be longer. But Ukraine has given us a good chance, otherwise it is impossible to start from the 60 thousand tons of medium-sized aircraft carrier, let us save for at least ten years.

Ukraine is able to help China, in fact, is entirely in the United States. If it is not the United States in the aircraft carrier pit a Ukraine, Ukraine is not so generous with China, compared with the United States to play the plot, China is the opposite, with sincere learning. The United States a little small strategy, but the actual achievements of China to become the dream of a new aircraft carrier, this is how the Americans did not think of.

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