Who will not be happy? Zhuhai Air Show revealed a major news: 歼-20A will come out

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Who will not be happy? Zhuhai Air Show revealed a major news: 歼-20A will come out

2018-11-06 10:25:27 274 ℃

After the 歼-10B of the thrust vector engine arrived in Zhuhai

The 12th session of the world The China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (Zhuhai Air Show) will officially kick off on the 6th, and the 歼-10B vector engine type that has been unveiled many times and the 歼-20 with a new painting and public flight are particularly dazzling. It is reported that the number of debuts 歼-20 is more, the performance time is longer, and the performance of the performance is more complicated. Many observations from the scene, the number of 歼-20 formations is three, the performance of the action includes horizontal pass, upward flowering, rolling and so on. The J-10B fighter with a vector engine, this is the first time that the Chinese vector version of the J-10B fighter has officially appeared in public. The emergence of these two major news may mean that China's 歼-20A will be a fourth-generation fighter that fully conforms to Western standards.

The formation of the 歼-20 proves that the tactics are maturing

China attaches great importance to the exhibition of the 歼-20 at the Zhuhai Air Show, because this is the most important appearance of the aircraft two years after its official service. According to the many difficult flight performances before the show, the Chinese Air Force may The fact that it has the initial combat power to the outside world. According to the information disclosed in advance, many J-20 fighters will be displayed at the 12th China Air Show with new paintings, new formations and new attitudes. But despite this, the outside world, especially abroad, has always believed that the J-20 is not a true fourth-generation fighter because it uses the engine AL-31F of the third-generation fighter, because this engine cannot be a beggar - 20 provides supersonic cruise capability, and the second does not allow it to achieve rear stealth.

The 歼-10B test vector engine has an official report

Now, 歼-10B vector engine type is coming! Those who know how to know know that although the J-10B vector engine engine is a turbofan-10 "Taihang" improved engine with a vector spout system, this engine will provide the J-10B with more complex high maneuvering capabilities, but most Mainly, the technology used in the turbo--10 "Taihang" modified engine with thrust vector capability will be applied to the turbofan-15 if it is proven to be feasible. When the 歼-20 uses a turbofan-15 with thrust vector capability, the two problems mentioned above will be completely solved: the rear stealth problem of the 歼-20 is solved while providing hypersonic flight.

Vector engine makes 歼-10B even more powerful

The thrust vector capability of the turbofan-15 歼-20 station is about to be called 歼-20A or 歼-20B. Although the special design 歼-20 is inherently highly maneuverable, the 歼-20A's supersonic cruise and high maneuverability will be even better after using the turbofan-15 with thrust vector capability. The rear design can be optimized again. If the United States and other countries are still questioning whether the 歼-20 is a true fourth-generation fighter, then when China really installs the turbofan-15 with the thrust vector capability for the 歼-20A, this question will be There is nothing to say.

This picture means that 歼-20A is coming out

The analysis believes that the simultaneous display of the 歼-20 and the 歼-10B at this Zhuhai Air Show means that China has been working hard and that this effort has been very successful. Of course, this also shows that China does not follow the development of the binary thrust vector aero engine technology that can lead to large engine thrust loss, but is more suitable for China's omnidirectional vector thrust engine, which will make the 歼-20A face the F-22. And F-35 has a greater advantage. We are looking forward to the fact that after the 12th Zhuhai Air Show, the turbofan-15 and the 歼-20A with thrust vector capability can appear as early as possible, and block the mouth of the United States from then on!

(Jun Guangwen, written by Chen Guangwen at 2018.11.05)