The wolf hits! Straight-10ME Wuzhi can lift the chariot three-dimensional combat

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The wolf hits! Straight-10ME Wuzhi can lift the chariot three-dimensional combat

2018-11-06 10:25:27 693 ℃

(This gallery was exclusively returned by reporter Huang Jinyi from the front air show site) The 12th Zhuhai Air Show will open on November 6th. The reporter is fortunate. On November 5th, the final rehearsal day was interviewed in advance. Among them, the direct--10ME “鹗” (also known as the Osprey) developed by AVIC was not only the first high-profile appearance, but also the supporting “Wolf”. "Light all-terrain vehicles have a unique concept of "three-dimensional combat with the "wolf".

Straight-10ME shot from the rear of the tail, visible "鹗" pattern on the tail, and the engine exhaust vent design up (red circle) ).

The late-type martial arts of the US Army AH-64D "Longbow Apache" adopts the exhaust port upward layout design, which can greatly reduce the infrared signal characteristics. , to reduce the probability of hit by the enemy's infrared guided missiles.

At the same time, the Air Force is displayed at the same time, the exhaust port is designed to the side, although it can reduce the infrared signal characteristics to a certain extent. But slightly less than the direct-10ME exhaust vent layout.

The side close-up is more clearly visible in the upwardly arranged vent design.

The details of the four-leaf tail rotor of the straight-10ME, the laser warning system can also be seen at the top of the tail.

Direct-10ME front close-up.

The Straight-10ME is equipped with additional armor plates (red circle) on both sides of the tandem cockpit to enhance the resistance to enemy medium and small caliber The direct hit of an anti-aircraft projectile or the ability to indirectly kill a fragment of an anti-aircraft missile.

The CM-501XA small cruise missile took a photo with the straight-10ME.

The CM-501XA adopts a rectangular projectile design, which not only reduces the radar reflection cross-sectional area (RCS) signal to a certain extent, but also facilitates different operational needs. It is equipped with different combat loads and is equipped with a large spanned wing that can be left on the battlefield for tens of minutes.

Close-up view of the SW-6 small drone, showing the folding main wing and tail rotor power system.

The SW-6 small drone took a photo with the straight-10ME.

The shape of the CM502KG light air-to-ground missile resembles an anti-ship missile (blue and white) with a range of approximately 25 kilometers and a maximum flight speed of Mach 1.1. Wearing a 1000 mm thick homogeneous armor target has surpassed the US Hellfire missile in terms of range and warhead weight. The rest are GB-25, GB-50 guided bombs and airborne laser jamming pods (far right).

The underwing multi-link pylon has a "Tianyan-90" air-to-air missile that can be used for helicopter air combat.

The ET60 light electric anti-submarine torpedo is directly in direct with the -10ME. The underwing pylon can be seen as a "Tianyan 90 air-to-air missile, which can be used when necessary." Air-to-air combat.

The "Wolf" light all-terrain assault vehicle equipped with the TL-4 light anti-tank missile system, with a total combat weight of only 350 Kilograms, the ground can be seen hanging on the net, according to the staff, the straight-10ME lifting capacity of more than 2 tons, can easily lift the "wolf."

The "Jia Ling Global" logo behind the "Wolf" body shows that the assault vehicle (four-wheel all-terrain motorcycle) was developed by Jialing Group, which is famous for producing motorcycles in China.

The front view of the "Wolf" assault vehicle.

The 23mm cannon close-up under the nose, with -10 uses the same fixed weapon.

But unlike the Wuzhi-10, the straight-10ME uses an external chain supply system. Similar to Italy's A-129 Wu .