Zhuhai Air Show Change Defense Exhibition, the land warfare group battlefield Mercedes-Benz, local customers buy and buy rhythm can not stop

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Zhuhai Air Show Change Defense Exhibition, the land warfare group battlefield Mercedes-Benz, local customers buy and buy rhythm can not stop

2018-11-06 10:25:30 770 ℃

Author: Rainbow photo Kursk

Zhuhai Airshow in recent years have developed in the direction of a comprehensive exhibition of defense, especially since 2016 after the construction of a sports field, The number and quality of Army ground equipment participating in airshows are increasing. This year we can see various marine weapons in all corners of the air show, especially the steel beasts of iron armor, which are sought after by military enthusiasts. Even more expensive than watching the plane!

The test track is mainly concentrated on some tank armored vehicles in the first line! Such as the famous TV-2B, VT-4, VT-5 tanks. Among them, VT-4 is a star tank in China's new generation of foreign trade tanks. It has been exported to Thailand and has been widely praised by the countries of use. The VT-5 light tank adopted a new state this time, replacing the past tilt armor with wedge armor, showing the modularity of the car's height, and the ability to replace and change the armor components according to different needs.

Of course, these tanks use the desert digital camouflage without exception, showing that their sales target is mainly for South Asia and the Middle East. The installation of air conditioners is also a common feature of these tanks, as well as the environment in which they are used.

The quality of China's foreign trade tanks has already been on the road of world-class tanks, but there is still a lack of opportunity to win large orders for tanks, which makes these modern steel beasts somewhat lonely.

In contrast to the poor sales of tanks, light armored vehicles are clearly more popular with users around the world. At present, China has exported a series of wheeled and crawler-type armored vehicles. Its rich practical experience has also boosted the development of armored vehicles in China.

For example, in the face of the fact that light-duty vehicles on the battlefield are easily destroyed, China exhibited for the first time at this air show the specially designed VN-17 crawler-type heavy infantry fighting vehicle, which uses VT- 5 The light tank's chassis technology, the combat weight is much heavier than the infantry equipment of our military equipment in the past, and it has the modular armor protection capability of the VT-5 tank, plus the unmanned turret with the machine gun plus the missile, the firepower also Very powerful.

In addition, the GM VN-12 infantry fighting vehicle also performed well on the sports car. This cheaper chariot may be favored by countries that are not well-funded!

In addition to these big guys, small vehicles are also very popular, just like an elf, shuttle around a large chariot.

The most famous is the compact 8-wheeled "Bobcat" all-terrain vehicle, which is suitable for airborne operations and can be thrown to the enemy's rear with a transport plane. Chongqing Jialing Group has developed a complete set of weapons and equipment for the "Bobcat" all-terrain vehicle, forming a complete family. Several "Bobcats" rushed up, even if it is the main battle tank, they dare not take it lightly!

Of course, not all equipment can be displayed in the sports car, such as self-propelled artillery, self-propelled artillery, self-propelled rockets and other equipment is not relying on running to show Performance! These large-scale equipment, even if they are silent in the pavilion, can make people feel their strength.

In this year's ground equipment, there are still many products launched by military and private enterprises. For example, the fire support vehicle displayed by the Gaode Infrared Group has the same powerful firepower and armor protection as the Russian BMPT "Terminator" fire support vehicle. The magical modification of a large number of 59 tanks in the outdoor pavilion also makes the model lovers tickle.

In short, this year’s Zhuhai Air Show is not only the stage of air power, but also the place where these ground irons are exposed. We will be after the opening. See more interesting and interesting tank armored vehicles, let us wait and see!