China Air Police 500 early warning aircraft wing tip possesses unknown equipment

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China Air Police 500 early warning aircraft wing tip possesses unknown equipment

2018-11-07 10:25:37 356 ℃

The 歼-10B thrust vector verifier on the first day at the 12th Zhuhai Air Show, which opened on November 6th The flight show stunned everyone's attention, and the formation of the J-20 fighter also attracted the attention of many military enthusiasts. Compared with these two "stars", the Air Police-500 AWACS aircraft parked in the static exhibition area is not so eye-catching, but in the Chinese Air Force, the Air Police-500 is the core of the battle, and its status is even in the 歼-20 Above the fighter plane.

Air Police-500 AWACS is improved on the body structure of the Yun-9 transport aircraft due to the large number of installations The electronic device is therefore covered with a large number of blade antennas.

The "big mushroom" on the back shows the illustrious identity of its early warning aircraft.

A large antenna fairing is mounted on the side of the tail.

Air Police-500 three-sided phased array radar compared to other early warning aircraft for large early warning radars, in weight On the basis of a drastic reduction in the diameter of the radar antenna, the intelligence processing capability and anti-interference ability have been greatly improved.

The details of the cockpit part of the nose, the lightning protection strip on the nose radome is clearly visible.

Air Police-500 early warning aircraft uses 4 domestic turboprop-6C turboprop engines, power from the vortex The more than 4,000 horsepower of the Paddle-6 prototype has been increased to more than 5,000 horsepower, while the domestic six-blade composite propeller has been replaced to improve engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and noise.

In order to compensate for the directional stability degradation caused by the installation of the back radome, the Air Police-500 installed two pieces. Ventral fins.

The Airfighter-500 has a large fairing on its wingtips with unidentified electronics inside. It is reported that the interior of the fairing is an electronic warfare signal reconnaissance related device. If this message is true, this means that the Air Police-500 can perform electronic reconnaissance missions in addition to the early warning command mission.

Airborne-500 front landing gear.

Air Police-500 inherited 4 rounds from the -9 Trolley type main landing gear.

The front hatch has a boarding ladder.

Air Police-500 three-sided phased array radar.

The knife antenna on the top of the fuselage.

The lines of the "big mushroom" are not as simple as you might think.