The more bayonet war against the counterattack, the bayonet sees the red enemy and the enemy

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The more bayonet war against the counterattack, the bayonet sees the red enemy and the enemy

2018-11-08 10:25:05 72 ℃

On March 11, 1979, the 54th Division of the 54th Division of the 460th Division of the 54th Army, 9th and 7th classes searched for remnants in the vicinity of the knife. At 15 o'clock in the afternoon, the squad leader Zhu Ximao led the soldier Zhu Houquan, Zhang Biwen searched for the southeast unknown highland in the south of the knife. When searching for the mountainside, the soldier Zhang Biwen suddenly found a shadow in a cave under the right front wall, and he reported to the squad leader. At the same time, the Vietnamese army in the cave fired at Zhang Biwen.

After hearing the gun, Zhang Biwen quickly rolled to the back of a large stone 4 meters to the left and retaliated against the enemy. The squad leader Zhu Ximao immediately turned and jumped into the big tree about 10 meters in front of the cave. He formed a crossfire with Zhang Biwen to block the hole, and ordered Zhu Houquan to quickly seize the favorable terrain on the right side of the hole and form an encirclement of the enemy inside the cave.

At this point, the enemy turned to Zhu Xiaomao and threw the grenade out. Zhu Ximao and the soldier Zhang Biwen were injured. Zhu Ximao saw the enemy reluctantly resisting. He felt that hard work was not a solution. He decided to take the enemy out of the hole and annihilated it, thus suggesting that Zhang Biwen and Zhu Houquan stopped shooting. The enemy could not hear the movement outside the cave, thinking that the warriors had been wiped out. In a short while, two Vietnamese troops had climbed out of the cave.

The test of the snake’s hole was effective. Zhang Biwen continuously cast two grenades, killing one of the enemies. An enemy rushed to Zhu Ximao. Zhu Ximao fired at the enemy and broke his magazine. The Vietnamese army was not good, and then the gun with the bayonet turned and flew to Zhu Houquan.

When Zhu Houquan shot the enemy at the gun, he found that the bullet had been finished. At this time, both sides had no time to install bullets. Zhu Houjin was not afraid of danger. When the terrain was extremely unfavorable, he opened the bayonet and shot the gun directly to the enemy.

The enemy relies on the favorable terrain of the condescending, so that he will do his best to stab Zhu Houquan. Zhu Houquan flashed to the left calmly, escaped the enemy gun, and stabbed a shot at the enemy, stabbed the enemy's legs, and the enemy fell to the ground. Zhu Houquan took the opportunity to seize the favorable terrain. The enemy rolled over and climbed to Zhu Houquan. Zhu Houquan knocked down again with the bomb and the gun was also knocked out.

Zhu Houquan was too hard and the butt was broken. Just as the enemy was ready to climb again, Zhu Houquan rushed over, stepping on the enemy's back with his feet, picking up the enemy's submachine gun, wielding the butt and smashing the enemy's head, and then quickly turning the gun body toward the enemy's back. Even stabbing a number of knives, stabbed the enemy.

This short-lived close-fighting battle lasted for 5 minutes, killing the officers and soldiers of the Vietnamese army, one soldier, one submachine gun and one pistol, one telescope, and more than 200 bullets and one copy. The map of the artillery positions reflects the combat style of our military team, which is self-defense, self-defense, and heroic and tenacious. After the war, Zhu Ximao and Zhu Houquan won the second class, and Zhang Biwen won the third class.