The only country in Wuchangli that has no money to build an aircraft carrier, the United States can’t afford it, and its military strength is not worse than that of China.

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The only country in Wuchangli that has no money to build an aircraft carrier, the United States can’t afford it, and its military strength is not worse than that of China.

2018-11-08 10:25:10 95 ℃

Every country attaches great importance to its military strength. In ancient times, it was mainly land warfare, while modernity paid more attention to naval warfare and air warfare. This is also the main theme of future warfare, so everyone attaches great importance to developing military power at sea. For the Navy, the aircraft carrier is the most important weapon and equipment, and all countries are pursuing the development of high-end aircraft carriers. However, one of the five permanent members of the United Nations does not have its own aircraft carrier. What is going on?

Modern aircraft carrier has higher gold content

The current aircraft carrier is also The carrier has a higher gold content than during the Second World War. During World War II, Japan had more than 20 aircraft carriers, which can be said to be very powerful. But if the United States is to exchange more than 20 of its current nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, the United States will certainly disagree. Because the current aircraft carrier is too advanced, the US aircraft carrier uses nuclear power, which is the most developed aircraft carrier in the world. It can be used for 10 years in the case of replacing the fuel, and can be driven at a very high speed. Said very powerful. Japan’s aircraft carrier during World War II was sunk by the United States at the time, not to mention the current aircraft carrier.

Only five countries in Wuchang have not developed their own aircraft carrier

UN Wuchang must be clear to everyone, and only one of them has not developed its own aircraft carrier. It is Russia. The other four countries have their own research and development. Even the countries with the late development of the Chinese aircraft carrier already have their own domestic aircraft carriers. So why is Russia not?

There is only one aircraft carrier built in the Soviet Union in this country. It is a conventionally powered aircraft carrier with a displacement of about 60,000 tons. Nowadays, this aircraft carrier has been used for a long time, and it has not been well maintained and repaired. As a result, the aircraft carrier has already had many problems. It can be said that it is scarred and urgently needs to be repaired as a whole. If repairs are made, then Russia will face a situation in which no aircraft carrier can be used for several years, which is very unfavorable for it. So why is Russia no longer developing a new aircraft carrier?

The reason why Russia does not develop an aircraft carrier

The reason is simple That is, Russia has no money and people to develop aircraft carriers. The first problem facing the development of the aircraft carrier is the problem of capital. However, Russia’s economic situation is not good, and it has been greatly affected by the economic sanctions of the United States and other Western countries. Therefore, Russia’s budgetary military expenditure is not much, and it is not enough to develop an aircraft carrier. Can't have your own aircraft carrier. Moreover, Russia also lacks the talents that can develop aircraft carriers. The large shipyards in the Soviet period were in Ukraine. Now, because of the previous Russia-Ukraine crisis, the relationship between the two countries is very tense. Naturally, there is no way to carry out military cooperation.

Although Russia cannot afford its own aircraft carrier, the military strength of this country is still very strong, because there are still The bottom line is, and has also been vigorously developing the military, and even military strength is even stronger than our country. The United States is also very jealous of this country and has always regarded Russia as its own threat. Although it sometimes harasses the country, it does not dare to provoke it easily.