US and India speculate that China will militarize Gwadar port

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US and India speculate that China will militarize Gwadar port

2018-11-08 20:25:40 98 ℃

Reference News Network reported on November 8 According to a Reuters report on October 26, a Pakistani navy Major General said that China did not require its military to enter Pakistan’s Chinese-funded deep-water port. Gwadar, while India and the United States have been speculating that it may become a Chinese naval base.

The report stated that Gwadar Port is located in the southwestern part of Balochistan Province and is the jewel of China's investment of 60 billion in the construction of the Belt and Road project in Pakistan.

The report believes that the current construction plan is to build Gwadar Port into a shipping hub and become a big port built together with the special economic zone. The export-oriented industry can transport goods from there to the world. All over the place. Energy pipelines, roads and railways will connect Gwadar to the western part of China.

The report said that last year, the US Department of Defense announced that the election of Pakistan may become China's possible future military base, but China said this is purely speculation. Diplomatic and security sources believe that Gwadar Port is a possible location.

The picture shows Gwadar Port

At the Xiangshan Forum, Pakistani Rear Admiral Javed Iqbal called Gwadar "is an important new port in the regional ocean map."

He said at the forum: "Let me emphasize that Gwadar Port is only a commercial project and has no military significance.

Ikbal added: “Gwadar Port is located just outside the potentially risky, closed Gulf waters. It has the potential to serve as a transit port for China and Central Asia, as well as to affect the prosperity of the entire region. Transit port.”

Ikbar told Reuters later that he was very clear about the non-military nature of Gwadar Port.

"Gwadar Port has no military facilities. It will be just a commercial port," Iqbal said. “The Pakistani Navy will be stationed to ensure maritime safety and ensure port security.”

“The geopolitical debate spread in the media stated that Gwadar’s use as a foreign military base was completely wrong.”

< When asked if China specifically requested military access, Iqbal said: "No, not at all."

The report said that China opened its first overseas military base in Djibouti last year, China. The official statement is that a logistics supply facility has been established locally.

The report believes that Djibouti’s position in the northwestern Indian Ocean has caused India to worry that it will become another “mild chain” of Chinese military alliances surrounding India, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

The report said that China has repeatedly lowered its expectations of the outside world's plans to build military bases around the world, even though China's increased military modernization process is impressive. (Compile / Hu Wei)