Two Russian helicopters appeared at the Zhuhai Air Show

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Two Russian helicopters appeared at the Zhuhai Air Show

2018-11-10 10:25:28 403 ℃

On November 6, Zhuhai International Airways opened. In the static display area, a Russian “Ansat” light helicopter is very eye-catching.

The Ansat Light Multi-Purpose Helicopter was developed by Kazan Helicopter Factory and first flew in 1999.

The aircraft can perform rescue, search, patrol and other tasks, and has entered the Russian military service.

The aircraft will also perform an air show to show its excellent handling.

The Mi-171A2 medium-sized multi-purpose helicopter was developed by the Mir Moscow Helicopter Factory and the prototype flew for the first time in November 2014. The ground crew is opening the nose for inspection and can see the internal weather radar antenna.

The machine is based on the Mi-8/17 series and uses the latest technology, which is highly versatile.

Up to 2 crew members and 24 passengers.

Russia hopes to attract Chinese attention to these two models through the bright camera at the Zhuhai Air Show.