Has the Chinese Navy achieved a dream? A mysterious missile boarded the 055 ship.

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Has the Chinese Navy achieved a dream? A mysterious missile boarded the 055 ship.

2018-11-10 10:25:28 460 ℃

The combat power of the 055 ship carrying CM-401 can not be underestimated

at the 12th Zhuhai Air Show For the first time, the CM-401 anti-ship ballistic missile was launched, which triggered widespread speculation by foreign media. According to the US media website on the 9th: China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation's propaganda materials describe CM-401 as a hypersonic ballistic anti-ship missile capable of maneuvering. Such a missile is likely to have a major impact on the strategic deployment of the US Navy and the future development of US Navy equipment. According to the propaganda materials of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, the Chinese Navy's new Type 055 destroyer can carry the CM-401 supersonic anti-ship missile, and the ship will have the ability to annihilate the US aircraft carrier in any sea area around the world.

The CM-401 missile land-based version shown at the air show

China is in the first batch of 8 ships The construction of the 055-type 10,000-ton class destroyer, the advent of this giant surface warship, its strong comprehensive combat capability and the voyage of the world's endurance, once made the United States feel rare uneasiness. However, at that time, for the 055 ship's ship-borne anti-ship missiles, the outside world tended to carry the eagle-strike-18 heavy-duty anti-ship missile. Because the missile has a range of 400 kilometers, it can launch a fatal strike of up to 3.0 Mach at the end, so It is widely considered to be used against the US aircraft carrier. However, the interception capability of the "Lahm" Block 2 close-range interceptor, the "Improved Sea Sparrow" (ESSM) medium-range anti-aircraft missile and the "Standard-6" type long-range interceptor on the US warship is really Don't be underestimated.

Schematic diagram of CM-401 missile combat process

Although China still has a strong combat against Eagle-18 Confidence, but in order to break through the fire interception of the most rigorous US aircraft carrier battle group, China applied the world-leading "dumping zenith" attack form that was previously developed by Dongfeng-26 for ship-borne anti-ship missiles. Because it is well known that China's Dongfeng-21D and Dongfeng-26 anti-ship ballistic missiles have the advantage of penetration in the outer space at the end of the ballistics, attacking the aircraft carrier with a nearly vertical dive attack, and because the high-angle tracking is the active carrier-based air defense weapon system. The largest "blind zone", which makes all the existing shipboard defense systems of the US military basically have no solution to this attack mode.

The US Army's new Hairam's anti-missile interception capability is strong

CM-401 anti-ship trajectory The missile is a heavy-duty anti-ship configuration of the future Chinese ship standard. The cooperation between the missile and the 055 ship will be a combination of two swords. According to foreign media speculation, although the export-oriented CM-401 missile was artificially set at 290 km in violation of the arms export treaty, the Chinese Navy’s own model can increase the charge and increase the booster rocket without any hindrance. It can be loaded into the 055 ship's slinging device, which can strike the aircraft carrier battle group in the 1000 km range. From the sea-based mobile launch to the "subduction zenith" attack, this is the offshore version of China's anti-ship ballistic missiles, thus realizing the dream of "the Chinese navy's global pursuit of the US aircraft carrier" by many people!

Dive zenith attack is the most difficult to intercept mode

Analysis believes that CM-401 The advent of anti-ship ballistic missiles has enabled China's anti-aircraft ballistic missile strikes to achieve three-dimensional and motorized coverage from land. It can be said that the Chinese Navy has provided equipment guarantees for the global ocean. If there is something happening in the Asia-Pacific region, the US aircraft carrier can sneak out of the second island chain away from China's anti-ship ballistic missile strikes, and then use the MQ-25 carrier-based unmanned tanker + F-35 to launch a counterattack, but now there is With the CM-401 missile, this dream of the United States will also be lost - because the 055 ship will perform the task of maritime mobile hunting of aircraft carriers. Moreover, with the 055 ship + CM-401 missile, the Chinese Navy's activities around the world will have better security!

(Jun Guangwen wrote at 2018.11.10)