This institution was directly under the General Staff of the year, and the chairman signed the order to change from military secrets to CCTV popular programs.

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This institution was directly under the General Staff of the year, and the chairman signed the order to change from military secrets to CCTV popular programs.

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Once upon a time, There was once a "spectacle" on the land of China. Every 19:00, no matter which corner of the crowd you went to China, you will hear the passionate broadcast of CCTV's "News Network". The Chinese have been so concerned about "News Network". In addition to caring about national events, I am afraid there are still several reasons why they will not be said. One is right; the other is more important, that is, watching the next "weather forecast"!

Since ancient times, the cold and warm weather, the wind, the frost and the snow have all related to the health, production and life of thousands of families. It is impossible to not care.

In fact, it’s not just ordinary people’s life, the weather is more important for military wars, and it’s more important. The smooth and hindered, the heavy may decide the final outcome. Therefore, since ancient times, the weather has determined the success or failure of the forces. Similarly, since ancient times, the military of all countries have attached great importance to predicting the news of weather changes, and even directly used it as a time to decide the progress of the war. The famous "Breakfast of the East Wind" and "The Seven Floods of the Flood" in Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms is the bridge section of the population.

It’s just that in the ancient times when technology was backward, it was very difficult to predict and succeed in borrowing from weather changes. Therefore, weather warnings have always been regarded as "magic" and "celestial" by human beings and are listed as absolute military secrets.

In modern times, with the development of people's meteorological observation technology, people's ability to predict the weather is getting higher and higher, and this kind of "magic" is becoming less and less "god". It is no longer a "celestial opportunity" for the military to be highly confidential.

In contrast, due to the weather forecast, it is also important to guide the ordinary people to scientifically and accurately arrange production and life as military. Therefore, all governments around the world have gradually spread this original military secret message to the broad masses of the people.

[The weather balloon of the US military in World War II]

After the birth of New China, it also attached great importance to the important role of weather forecasting in the national economy. In December 1949, the first national meteorological agency of the People’s Republic of China, the Meteorological Bureau of the Revolutionary Military Committee of the Central People’s Government, was formally established. Just listening to its name, you can feel its extraordinary importance and mystery, it was originally attached to the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army, the function is to serve the national defense.

[1957.4.29 Chairman Mao When the leaders of the country met with representatives of the National Meteorological Work Conference]

After the end of the war, China entered a stage of comprehensive large-scale economic construction. Economic construction and disaster prevention weather have become new needs. Therefore, the national government began to realize that the weather forecast needs to be decrypted. On August 1, Chairman Mao signed an order to transfer the meteorological agency from the military department to the government department.

[Now the information that can be seen everywhere can be Is a military secret]

In 1956, the people can hear the weather forecast from the radio, many The newspaper will also publish the weather conditions for the next day. In the 1980s, CCTV officially launched "News Network", among which "Weather Forecast" became a popular household program. Reference article: New China weather forecast memorabilia

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